After all feather tract court is the door

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 12:13
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult( some late, the first chapter !) The 1251st chapter you bastard ,I !Yao Fu ,heralding the infinite possibility ,once let the door way ,become wider ,let people not confined to a small plot of land here ,give us the imagination space ,really looking at this world ,to feather tract tribunal headed by ,this conversation ,is the best but the .
After all feather tract court is the door ,and at present there is such a subset of existence, as long as they can lead the forces of good door ,will have unlimited potential .
The deep feeling in the heart : Yao Fu human sophistication ,the master is perfection in one ,I now finally understand ,why when R ì Che-hung God will leave the door and Buddhism the two forces .
How. From the old road . Actually to a great extent ,door and Buddhism with the west, each one minds his own business. ,should from Che-hung God and scholars 100 holy will, or how many years, the west, so strong were able to maintain their position ,so I think the west, should they stay last means one cheap canada goose parka, is to prevent the Terran four state when go into a cul-de-sac .
Regulus is very impressive, although he did not identify ,but his guess ,should be so . You say ,is indeed has some truth ,but you didn the taste ? Greedy old man granted . I know what you said, Michiko ambitions ,he seems not to be feather tract chambers corner ,want to break into the four state ,but it is not a bad thing ,as long as he is able to repel the Swire royalty, revitalizing the Terrans, who is king ,are the same ,the migration and decline ,its own people fly ,become a new generation of Emperor Ming ,a Terran ,and I is not a contradiction .
The speech is very calm ,really ,for him, is a kind of, he also felt that the road the extraordinary bearing ,the younger generation ,he is the first person to see this ,pay ,to ginseng fruit cents to the holy Yao Fu light wave thirty thousand years in the first person, visible line drive .
Next, toast each other ,Michiko and toasted , the immortal sword door to mention ,that some are one family ,nothing cannot untie ,today family migration and defeated, if not as soon as possible are integrated together ,and can only bring about .
Between faint ,Michiko put forward again ,may feather tract chambers will to Terran four state when, if the immortal sword door to combine ,then can occupy a vast tracts of land in the round ,branching, and expansion of its foundation ,the premise is sword immortal door can be made one .
A few words ,said to have a blurred vision ,to stop namely, make four bronze immortal sword door strong heart weighed the pros .There are common interests ,and common risk ,Michiko fear them not crazy, this is all so real .
Although now the crisis did not come ,but they are aware of ,such as crisis occur, so want to integrate together, it has no meaning .They all know ,has to face not only Pacific Royal only, and it was suppressed Canada Goose Ontario,since the undead horror the protoss ,these Shin MI are only a generation of undead existence are eligible .
Because in the west, the same to suppress the two statue of demon exist, only door and Buddhism very powerful, even when so far R ì ,Terran and defeated, this two statue of a demon is suppressed to the same for all eternity .
The birthday party ,from a to Z ,are very harmonious, in which many of the strong are gathered here, and no one dared Saye here ,unless it is live with love .Yao Fu held his birthday to have reached ,is to want to make door many strong aware of this crisis ,allowing them to gather together ,that ,but can be ,not what he could decide .
In the side .Gee Gee drunk, the body of the Bairongrong hair becomes more bright ,it in stone on the case ,reel right and left ,a small belly is round ,a pair of little paws holding a big fruit cents ,provoked Alioth Joan and Merak Joan wave light virgin hate to spend his holding in the arms to soothe a .
Ah ,you don think Joan ,but no arms ,hug me ah . Friends fly drunk red ,Hala juice DC ,at the side of the Alioth Joan . Alioth Joan couldn forehead explodes again a blue veins ,she wanted to make friends fly kick ,but in such a situation ,she must be clever escape ,hiding in the side directly to friends ,fly laugh: who too big ,small woman can hold do not move .
Said, Alioth Joan and Regulus close together ,warm jade warm fragrant ,let people restless .Xu : brother ,brother terrible . Regulus cough ,laugh: who have no malice, he is such ,may be on the Alioth Joan show special preference to ,to want while drunk expression .
Alioth Joan white Regulus eye ,gave the regulus waist soft flesh pinched ,said: Xu Xian elder brother in what you talk nonsense with my brother , but the eight pole can not hit , brother where I show special preference to say .
.. ... Xuanyuan body twitched ,gasped ,this Alioth Joan but the average woman ,the s ,let Xuanyuan was close to tears . Alioth schoolmates ,but I think it, monk, brother is also good ,a plump body ,threatening, if you marry a monk, brother North Face Steep Tech,must be rich ,can enjoy nine days of plenty .
rocking light virgin eyes cunning ,ancient spirit J ī ng strange,hear Alioth Joan want to have a training about this girl .Ha ha ha .A son of laughter ,carefree mood ,in this period ,Michiko towards they offered a cup of wine .
As the young generation, but the road is far above theirs ,they also can only in the heart feeling ,no wonder Alkaid Old God will say , said the road leading to emergence of chambers heads ,visible line in the Yao Fu heart weight, or very heavy .
Speaking from the heart ,Michiko either from their own strength ,or from the personality charm ,is impeccable .When proposing a toast ,Regulus ,Peng Fei Yi ,but also with a cup ,Michiko see no Yi Peng Fei and Regulus ,one eye ,action stalled ,Regulus frown is Michiko found? But the line and no action ,the heart will set out some ,but then again ,see the shadows of the Xuanyuan since line overhead ,heart twitched violently ,Peng Fei also saw ,was his face looks ,face s è whiteseveral points, covered with meat Lang moved ,everyone saw two men God s è changes.
However ,as if they were the only two person to see ,even in the presence of many terrible Yao Fu and existing state, they have no feeling ,Regulus and Peng Fei, two individuals being at a loss what to do ,the shadows in this kind of situation ,it .
The feast day ,to visit the person live ,live ,go away .Michiko came to Yao Fu the light tunnel one sentence: the old lord ,you are the two unlucky person, should death damages ,can I get you find them ,cast out ?So therefore tainted with a cause of trouble, they behave in a vicious and unrestrained way of damages ,the first time in my life I can see, is bound to do all kinds of evil people ,will be such a terrible calamity .
Yao Fu frowned : you say it is ? Yes ,is the son of Joan a the two outsiders ,the Lord ,I am not a good start ,bin ,so to check . Michiko slow channel . No ,it two personal identity is not low ,quality Chaoqun, unusual people can reach ,and they and the green destiny God son closely, they want to leave ,but Alkaid son was to undermine the rocking light things, I will make them of their stay ,at the banquet ,choose a piece of guests send a gift, as compensation ,I will fulfill my promise ,let Alkaid Joan send them away ,I believe them to shake light not malicious .
Michiko frowned ,looked to squeak squeak ,exclaimed : so that is what it is. I think ,the White s è beastcan almost be the pink of perfection of road barrier ,but could not be a war ,I to try have a look ,nine Taikoo Royal above ,there will be much ability .
the green destiny God son kindness non-toxic ,the X ì nginnocence ,not line should choose the opponent ,but the sword in the continental dust ,may is the outstanding enemy line .
Yao Fu slow channel . Thanks for the Lord guidance ,and the seven doors in one ,as when old Domine I feather tract chambers do when Taifu ,help me ?Of course did not want the old lord detachment Beidou I emergence door ,can take the identity came to serve .
Michiko words calmly ,for Yao Fu or respected . Since ancient times ,and there is no precedent for this, Michiko is not caused by feather tract chambers many ministers opposed ? Yao Fu mouth with a not much, if any smile ,gentle tone ,mild .
Since I was feather tract chambers future occupy a leading position ,will balance the feather tract chamber was the relationship between the old lord ,if not from ,I will fear was against ? Michiko very enterprising ,take time for ,a dragon in the world ,become a generation of the ancient emperor .
Ha ha ,if so, how can I refuse ,Michiko for million divine body and grows up to now ,already had juvenile emperor demeanor ,and this instability, natural to abandon the portal between, to the world first, just to be able to help people, I will not refuse .
Yao Fu heavy sound should . Well ,old lord exemplary conduct and nobility of character ,and so my news . Michiko pleased smile .At this moment ,suddenly a shaking heaven and earth Huhe voice rolling comes, two figure to break free .
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