Heilongjiang Ning'an a bus rollover has caused 5 d

November 12 [Sat], 2016, 21:03
Original Cheap Jerseys title: Heilongjiang Ning

within the territory of a bus rollover has caused 5 dead and more injured

The new

network in September 24 Harbin Xinhua (reporter Jie Peihua) reporter 24 from Heilongjiang Province, Ning'an city propaganda department confirmed that in the morning, the city bus rollover accident occurred, the accident has caused 5 deaths.

It is reported that

, 24, 6:40, Ning'an City volcano Road 12 km +500 meters in a road accident, a black C44921 large ordinary passenger cars run off road rollover. After the incident, the local public security, traffic police, 120 emergency departments rushed to the scene disposal.

reporter from Ning'an city propaganda department learned that the Cheap Jerseys For Sale accident caused 3 people were killed, 2 people rushed to the hospital Cheap NFL Jerseys died, another 5 people were seriously injured in the hospital for rescue. At present, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation. In addition, the number of nuclear load and actual Cheap Jerseys Wholesale load of the number of accidents of the passenger car is being counted among the relevant departments. Reporters will Wholesale NFL Jerseys continue to pay attention to. (end)

editor: Zheng Hanxing