The Shen Congwen nephew

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 9:58

The Shen Congwen nephew, which is even famousair jordan spizike cheap
inscription he wrote, in the works before talking about the "rural dream never break. But several years ago, his new home in Phoenix wins Tsui House door hung out a small wooden plaque: private residence, open to visitors. People think of the ancient city of Phoenix, perhaps this does not exist, at least go back. And that the spirit of "Border Town", originally also do not need to go to the ancient city searching. On April 8, the the Shanghai Procuratorate portal hanging out of the news, said that the the Shanghai judiciary has organized a special team to sort out, the previous review of the Meiji Xiang, Meggie Yang case, and legal issues related to further verification. Although the Meiji Xiang, Meggie Yang case again to start the review, to eventual correction from the case, but the Long March has completed the first step, but already I thought was commendable. Promote the case re-review the major promoter retired senior prosecutor Liu Binghua, he lists all the names mentioned in the files, put almost all holiday time, running for seven years to find all the witnesses could find, and now five more than a dozen folders stacked up to three meters high. And, of particular concern within the system after the case of almost all of the channels are invalid, the courage to be disclosed to the media the case of grievances, before allowing the case to have a turn for the better.

?Prior to Zhejiang Zhang Hui, Zhang Gaoping injustice "vindication behind the major promoter, Shihezi, Xinjiang in prison, prosecutors Zhang Biao. He was worried about Zhang's nephew case, and sleepless nights;, he even re-take to Hangzhou Zhang's nephew night of the murder through the line in order to probe the truth. In 2005, jordan fly wade 2 ev for sale
the vindication of Henan Province Xu Jingxiang miscarriage of justice, the same prosecutors Jiang Hansheng driven, from 1998 to 2001, prosecutors removed Henan, Shandong, Shanxi provinces traveled thousands of miles to collect a large number of case vindicated evidence.Uphold justice prosecutors undoubtedly worthy of respect. They are brave, because they do not superstition has been made public, prosecutors, law conclusive in the absence of "murderers", "victim survivors" and other cases, the courage to question the case; They are loyal to the law , in order to investigate a miscarriage of justice, they are often an investment is years or even seven or eight years, not only the use of often occupy their spare time, and even after retirement still adhere to the investigation; they are nothing and fearless, they want to correct the a miscarriage of justice, is often challenged a group, then handling the case can be responsible for public security, especially when they have to offend peers, because of the formation of a miscarriage of justice, is also inseparable from prosecution by the Prosecutor.

However, I have to say that these prosecutors deeds worthy of the people respected, but this is their duty. Supervisor prosecutors as a national law, he not only bear the investigation of crime, on behalf of the responsibilities of the state prosecution, jordan fly wade for sale
the fight against crime, but also bear the "objective and fair obligations. Such an objective obligation of impartiality is the prosecutor to stand in a neutral position, fair and equitable treatment of every citizen, since the fight against criminals, but also to protect the human rights of every citizen, including the legitimate rights of criminal suspects, defendants and offenders for the grievances of citizens could be obliged to help him correct.
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