new blog... 

2008年01月14日(月) 20時54分

New blog
Old past.

Link please

nope im still not deleting this
But until i found out how the shit do i link someone through the other blog.

Bare with me !!~


2008年01月14日(月) 18時05分
I hate maths
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it to the core.
fuck maths
fuck you fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

well, im suppose to "camwhore" for my art
but that is another whole lot of another case.

Im too lazy to figure out my wardrobe for it.
Ahh well
Maybe tomorrow .

Im so freakingly Tired.

maths still sucks after this post.

maybe i should start doing my Mindmap.

Oh yay more art


2008年01月14日(月) 17時47分
School is still a warzone.
Maths Is horrible.

I shall not let him disturb my peace.


2008年01月13日(日) 20時22分

a meal at azabu Is really expensive.

Yesterday was fun.
The worst part is i spend $150 .
Bought a shirt hoodie thingy.
HA HA be jealous of me 8D

Today, My KRA CDS arrived.
yay! keiyuu and mai and yura on the biggg screen
love love love~

trying to be road and have her expression but fail.

is currently at a =-= mode.
I feel so dead
blady hell.

Tora: 虎 

2008年01月13日(日) 19時51分

It’s been a while since I’ve written in my blog but since this thing happened, I’m really sorry.

For everyone who was coming to enjoy the Aomori and Sapporo lives, please excuse this.

Last summer’s tour was when I first began having some symptoms of spinal disc hernia, but all at once it became so severe that I had to undergo intensive treatment.

Even though I tried not to let the fans see at any cost how much pain I was in, the pain was unbearable even after taking painkillers, and yesterday, the morning of Aomori’s live, my condition deteriorated to having a powerless, numb left arm; regrettably, in my current condition I cannot even play guitar.

But once it heals I’ll definitely come back to you all again.

I’m really, truly sorry to all you fans who have waited for us.

From now on, I’ll be really happy if you continue rooting for us.

taken from

this is so..

it felt like a horrible alice nine yaoi Fic.
Excluding the Yaoiness of cause.

I guess we cant do much about it.

Reality is a pain in the arse for all of us i guess.


2008年01月12日(土) 2時14分
things havent been working well for me lately.
i dont understand anything that mr larry lee is rumbling about during Maths lesson.
My tution teacher tells me to do His way
larry lee tells me to do his way

i Find My tution's teacher's method is better
but i cannot do it.
i just want to pass my maths
Why cant i just do my way and i just get the same answer in the end?
Your method is confusing
and i have my own way on solving it in the more simple way


School have been a war zone lately,

I feel tired, reckless and annoyed.


2008年01月12日(土) 2時00分
after all the bullshitting
i still dont understand

thanks rui and nao nao =D


2008年01月08日(火) 19時33分
I beatrice is so annoyed.
over what? i dont know?
maybe it's because of the amount of events that happened today.
First of all i woke up at 7.15 i need to speed down to school by 8 to refrain walking from the front gate. I cabbed down and found out that the cab fee is ridiculously overpriced.
good bye 10 bucks~

After that everyone started about N levels.
N level this N levels that
Yes i fucking know N level is coming. Why cant' you stop ranting about it?
it seems like every day there's MUST be a speech about N levels.

During maths class i dont understand like 50% of what the hell is Mr larry lee is speaking about. Like honestly. I know that most of the classmates are A maths students. which means that they Emaths are much better than Art students. But this doesnt mean the entire class Is as great as A maths students He just mumbles mumbles like a fucking machine gun and expect people to understand what is he talking about Like wtf?! He dont even explain to us properly and thinks that we are the gawdly A-maths student and we soo understand what is he talking about.

Than my ear piece cable Snapped.
I dont really want to talk about it though

I DISLIKE this year. Not in the relation way but the study way.
I hope that everyone can stop talking about how N levels are near and all the jazz.
Yes i know N level is here.
I hear it from school
I hear it outside
I hear it everywhere

ANd people who are like Oh so "clever" please fuck off.
I dont appreciate you Smacking the facts on my face like im Some fucking retard who dont know what is going on..

yes im those kind of person who dislike to talk about future. what the fuck am i going to do after My Os?
Honestly. i have no idea.
I dont know what course exist. I dont know what L1 R4 [something about language and Relative subject]

and people who is reading this and thinking
"oh beatrice no future seh. never plan one"
guess what?
I dont plan.
I HATE planning my life
What for plan?
Life is not a timetable
So for now
Until i found a course that im interested.
Im going to study and do my best in every subject.


2008年01月08日(火) 19時00分
i dont fucking get it.
would it just fucking die just for you to fetch me somewhere?
like seriously!

than at the first place why do you want to have a driving license for?
Please la.

here's the bad news. My Ear piece cable snapped.
I wtf-ed.

here's the good news. I have one year warranty

Here's the bad news.[again]
the place is fucking far and it's super inconvenient.


steal my icon of mihara and i'll hunt you down.

[shakes leg] 

2008年01月06日(日) 16時54分

Mihara is like SO SOOOO cute omgrz

this year is going to be a hell year for me i think.
I cant stop worrying about N and O levels but i cant do anything about because something about me just keep forcing me to go for the net. maybe it's distraction.

than everyone started to talk to me about what to do next.

for today i need to
- Pack my room
- Finish my art
- English HMK + Maths HMK
- STOP spreeing you arsehole beatrice
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