I moved to Alabama- Wht a drag! 

August 22 [Wed], 2007, 13:04
Hey, look, don't think of it as a break up, or as a last minute announcement of a terminal illness just 3 days or so AFTER my expiration. I know it sucks to find out these things on myspace when the person concerned is someone you care about... and is probably supposed to care enough about YOU to tell you BEFORE it happens. So, I am hereby obliged to tender my explanation:

Umm, things were happening a mile a minute, and I just lost focus of what was going on, so before I knew it, there was no turning back. It just wasn't working out. I'm sorry, honey.

Wait, I'm not sure that came out right. I'll try again. AHEM:

It's not goodbye, babe, it's starting over. I KNOW I'll see you again someday, in that beautiful place with the clouds, and the peace... just think of it as me going to a better place. I don't want to go, but this is God's plan, and all I can do is His will. No... don't cry, please...

This is starting to sound really sick and wrong. I know, I'm a sick puppy, but it's okay, because I'll stop joking now and tell you why I had to move.

My parents have been on a mission to get my father a promotion since we moved here. Seriously. Ask around. They're in the Veterans' Affairs, since they were in the army, so they secured government jobs for themselves. One day, this guy comes in and replaces my dad's boss as the new head of the AMC branch-hey, stop asking questions, I dunno what the hell it stands for, I'm just telling the story. So anyway, the old boss is done away with and made Executive Ass-Wiper for some other big-shot. As I understand it, the new guy swoops in and takes all the credit for the work that my Father, the umm... GS15 and Assistant Director of the AMC, did to correct all the problems with the VA in DC. My mother got pissed, naturally, and jumped at every chance to get my dad promoted and moved out of there. She nagged him to apply for any opening they found. No dice- the new boss was sabotaging Father, telling prospective employers that my dad was no good and caused serious declines in employee morale. My dad is a GRADE-A ASSHOLE, maybe even dissociative, but he knows how to MAKE people work, so morale is irrelevant, whether the new boss was lying or not.

LONG STORY SHORT: My parents proved that the new boss was a lying con artist, and the big wigs TRANSFERRED my dad to Alabama. Not promoted, I guess; he still makes the same bread and has the same title, but I guess your money works harder and goes further down here. My mom however, took a demotion because, allegedly, everyone's jealous that she's married to the DA of the AMC, even though everyone knows he's a ho. But, I think it's because no one could take her seriously with her ice, Coach, and augmented D-cup gazongas.SO...

We packed our shit in a week and hit skates to get out of Maryland. During that week, I scrambled frantically, weakly, to find a homie who's crib I could stay at until some friends and I could scrape together enough ends to obtain an apartment. It availed me not; their homes were either already at maximum capacity or their parents just weren't cool with it, rent or no rent.

Which brings me to some podunk VILLAGE of which barely anyone has ever heard: Wetumpka. The nearest mall is 30 minutes away, in Montgomery, and if that seems shallow , what if I told you the grocery store was about as far? But hey, I've got a hot spot for wi-fi in the corner of my kitchen... good deal, no?

-Amber Morino


December 30 [Sat], 2006, 3:03

Well, I have a yaplog. And, it's pretty cool. It might even be cooler than
MySpace. Look at my bleeding Rainbow page! It's so kyute!

But I don't know why I'm even blogging right now. I guess I should be more worried about getting kicked out of the house. I mean, it's cold outside! I didn't plan on being kicked out- I wanted to leave! But, as fate would have it, I'm still here...

Wara, anata no namae wa nan-desu ka?
私の名前はこはくです。 私はここ、メリーランドに住んでいます。(それは、アメリカに

Christmas was okay... but I wish I had an apartment. Oh well.

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