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December 18 [Wed], 2013, 17:10

God's Banner

Yahweh Nissi is a Hebrew name which translates to The Lord is my banner. This name is packed with meaning and could actually be a study within a study. There is only room for me to skim the surface, however, yet I hope it will stir our hearts and cause us to draw closer to our Adonay.

God's banner is descriptive of His covering, His protection, His ownership, His power, His intervention, and last but not least, it speaks of the pride and confidence He has in His children. This last one blows me away!

What comes to mind when you think about a banner? My mind goes back to the days when my daughter played basketball. The walls on the school gym were covered with banners. There were big fancy banners by the local businesses that supported high school sports which was great, but the banners that made the girls the happiest were the ones made from big rolls of paper that were hand painted by family and friends. These had personal words of encouragement and spoke of pride and confidence. In addition, how about the banners on the professional level sponsors like Nike, or Pepsi and Coca Cola. These companies do not invest their money in a person or a team unless they are confident in whom they represent. We hear it all the time, "Pepsi is the proud sponsor of _______".

Applying the concept of a banner to our Creator is heartwarming. Could God have confidence in me? Biblically, what is God's banner saying about me? Job comes to mind; God answers Satan saying, do you consider my servant Job? He is a righteous man, go ahead, give it your best shot is a confidence in knowing God's banner is behind us and over us. It shows that He is not ashamed to be identified with us. There is a responsibility on our part, however, to do our banner proud our confidence should not lead to arrogance, indifference, or behavior that would bring shame to the One who believes in us.

The Bible speaks of many banners, four of which directly relate to His people.

We will look at two together.

The banner of Victory

Exodus chapter 17 tells the story of the battle between Amalek and the Israelites. In verses 8 16, we see how God fought for his people and he gave them victory over Amalek and his people. The key in this Nike Air Bruin Max Herr victory was the teamwork between Moses, Aaron and Hur. While Moses lifted his hands toward heaven, Aaron and Hur held each arm up so he would not tire. For every time Moses' hands fell, they would begin to lose the battle, yet when his hands were lifted high, they would have victory.

When Nike Air Bruin Max Herr the battle ended, Moses built an altar and called it "The Lord is my banner" because he recognized that the battle belonged to the Lord.

There is a New Testament application to this story. Jesus designed the church to carry his name and He gave us the command to fellowship with one another because He understood the power and strength that comes from unity. We are never meant to fight our battles alone. Why do we try? Maybe it's because we forget that God's banner of victory flew high in the sky that fateful day when Jesus was raised to the heavens on that old rugged tree known as the cross the banner of our victory.

The banner of Healing

Isaiah chapter 53 reveals prophesy of the coming Messiah how He would bare the guilt and shame of the sin of all humanity. In verse 5 it specially says, "by His stripes we are healed."

As we read on through the rest of Isaiah, we are told of all Jesus would suffer to make healing possible. It speaks of spiritual healing from sin. This is awesome news because all who call upon Jesus will receive spiritual healing and cleansing.

In the New Testament, the book of James chapter 5 speaks of the physical healing that is offered by Jesus. This comes through the anointing of oil and prayer according to the will and purposes of God.

He will give us victory in our trials he will heal our broken hearts and bind our wounds. El Roi will do what it takes to shake us up and teach us the right way to live forsaking sin, thereby eliminating many of the things that cause sickness and heartbreak in our lives in the first place.

I encourage you to take some time and read the word of God; learn of his other banners and what they mean for you.

The banner of Salvation can be found in John chapter three. Ask yourself; what is my responsibility when I decide to carry the name of God over my life?

The banner of Love can be found in Song of Solomon chapter two. Ponder this thought; how will it affect the way you live?


If these few words have caused your heart to want more, I suggest reading Isaiah 49:22 25 and 1 Corinthians 15:52, 54 57.

Walk in Nike Free Run victory today knowing and believing that Yahweh Nissi is the only one who can bring eternal strength, freedom, restoration, and salvation.

This dear friends, is something to be excited about!. Therefore, go out with joy and be led forth with peace. She has been married for 26 years and has three grown children. Her greatest joy is leading others closer to Christ through practical study of the word of God. She prefers using the lighter things in life and a good laugh to make her point, but realizes the darker and deeper things of life must also be addressed.

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