MTEE is brand name or product

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 18:29
MTEE is brand name or product?
I think we have bonwe implant for/film "transformers 2" case, that is no stranger to try achievement to the bonwe/transformers sequence the heat of T-shirt. But rely over just one movement photo of publicity and merchandise progress obviously can't last. Therefore, and "transformers 2" cooperation, bonwe for/after brewing a sustainable model, MTEE homeopathy appeared.louis vuitton handbags
In March 2010, MTEE as for its new product/bonwe sequence was 1st issued jointly issued, and for bonwe and dreamworks reached/for three many years of strategic cooperation agreement. The bonwe/no one to the photo belonging toward film, however the authorized signing package deal signed louis vuitton handbags. Therefore, within of the summer time of 2010, the movement photo monster shrek ", "kung fu panda", "Madagascar", "the dragon to record" within of the cartoon photo MTEE embodied within of the series.
Then, MTEE is not just "transformers 2," a straightforward duplicate "article, it started out to acquire treated like just one brand name to operate, and also this sort of performs not just stimulated a brand name new round of consumption, the mom has ascension for bonwe/the photo belonging toward brand.
Dreamworks is just the 1st of MTEE sequence and, later, for bonwe and with Shanghai studio/signed 5 many years strategic cooperation agreement. The dark dog sheriff ", "NaZha mind", "heaven" for the conventional chinese language program design with nostalgia to the anime have turn into bonwe/second innovation and progress belonging toward object. Then, MTEE sequence for Japan and sanrio organization toward photo louis vuitton handbags belonging toward hi there Kitty use authorized. MTEE sequence essential create Hollywood image, Japan cartoon and classical chinese language program nostalgic photo belonging toward three essential deliver force direction.
Since then, wanting to create bonwe/for a brand name new MTEE platform, into even more school and style factors with new MTEE series. In 2011, MTEE sequence invited 10 new designer,louis vuitton handbags roll out 80 nostalgic sequence and ShangYingChang traditional animation sequence two themes, and at identical time, for bonwe also assisting the MTEE/platform, puts forward the "I'm new goods" new brand name concept, make MTEE bear even more essential role-through just one school brand name campaign to enhance mom of brand name photo and advertising the progress belonging toward brand, one other companies to the bonwe/that the exercise is proved that "don't stroll unusual way".
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The beauty TeSiBangWei domestics resurgence

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 18:28
Midsummer comes, give easy T-shirt branded with all types of printing and reflects the alter color, on this summer time to attract young, particular character, be eyesight for elegance TeSiBangWei bonwe / (),louis vuitton handbags tang lion, jeanswest, every sole guest collectively with other companies of principal repertoire. So, the streets and lanes filled with or awesome attention dye-in-the-wood, or clever cute, or country wide customs character figure.
And all types of traditional cartoon image the vendor of the partner with merchandise has authorized cronyisma nd, except using the MTEE sequence bonwe/outside, good, sen horses, optimal garment library in llouis vuitton handbagsatest many years are introduced a comparable cartoon image licensed products. Tang within summer time introduced the T-shirt, and grand brand-online games, TNT perfect power, visual, collectively with China over the internet series, cartoon series, illustration series, 4 themes expression sequence T-shirt. Jeanswest is introduced a "2011 da T" activities-8090 defense, invite 11 proceed 100 % free design and design mind in twenty of printing T-shirt launch. But first, and using the bonwe/compared, tang lions and jeanswest exercise how several a duplicate of flavor.
For bonwe speaking, MTEE/for this school because roll out, strike the signifies of social innovation, the advertising of MTEE is not merely using the organization within summer time bonwe/a advertising new "trick",louis vuitton handbags it has appear to be bonwe organization for/brand connotation of ascension "tool" and new new carrier. once the brand new producer for/bonwe concepts-" I'm new near to the streets of products ", we are able to really feel for bonwe are developing belongs to China/brand confidential fashion-of your confidential customs and mining, the inquiry of conventional customs and international customs innovation, for chinese language program deduce. and also this movement is closely associated to MTEE..
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