Cool 6 Chairman: the independent inquiry into the violence cuts

July 06 [Wed], 2011, 18:20
Wu, chairman of Cool 6 network interview with The Beijing News yesterday, the first 6 cuts on the cool storm position. He said the Board will set up an independent commission to investigate the high cost of sales and layoffs during the violent clashes if the two issues. Cool 6CFO Shen Xiao interpretation quarter repeater with the disclosure yesterday, earnings in the $ 1 million estimated expenditure for the vast majority of the retrenched employees will be placed. Cool 6, respectively, yesterday dismissed employees to continue in the Beijing-Guangzhou two complaints to the labor department.louis vuitton luggage
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Or appointed for the retrenched staff counselors
Wu said yesterday that the layoffs by the Remuneration Committee's decision made by the board of directors. louis vuitton luggage He also reminded the parties to layoffs, both executives and ordinary employees, should "distinguish between the emotional and legal differences."
Wu said the Board will set up an independent commission of inquiry, by the Wu and other three independent directors. Cool 6 on the old management, sales costs and other costs of some of the audit, this will also hire third-party investigative body involved, "I hope that through the company's audit and clarify the costs, so that further corporate governance transparency."
In addition, the Commission will investigate whether the violence in the Shanghai office layoffs.
Wu said yesterday afternoon, has this cool 6 board meeting,louis vuitton luggage instructed the management to come up with solutions, in a lawful, fair and reasonable within the placement of former employees to solve problems, including consider hiring outside consultants and counselors.
Former employees to compensate for more than forty thousand yuan per capita
Cool 6 network announced on August 24 2011 first quarter financial report said the layoffs will occur about 100 times a million non-recurring costs. Cool 6CFO Shen Xiao said with this interpretation, the vast majority of the money will be used for placement of retrenched employees. To lay off 150 people this calculation, $ 1 million equal shares, louis vuitton luggage each retrenched employee will receive forty thousand yuan more than the average compensation.
According to another reporter, vice president of Cool 6 has been cut Xing Ye was laid today with some of the Haidian District People's Insurance Agency went to complaints retrenchments. Besides, some people rushed to cool 6 Guangzhou Guangzhou labor monitoring group complaints. Xing Ye have said, the labor department employees to a few hopes, I hope it ordered the employer to correct illegal and unreasonable dismissal, and shall be punished; urge the unit investigated the conflict led to layoffs Shanghai organizers, perpetrators .
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Louis Vuitton dark secret

June 29 [Wed], 2011, 18:37
By the China intercontinental financial trade among the organizing, among the the people's broadcast r / c voice of financial package deal "economic month-to-month talk about"Louis vuitton bags the day time (29) held inside the capital. complete bureau of wu of taxes within of the kingdom, deputy director within of the XuShanDa in BBS on company taxes of discomfort is limited to company marketplace of the rail plan in stagnation.

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In the "eleventh five-year plan" period, company marketplace and owe good-looking. one last results advancement in China mainland proportion of GDP increase generate within of the amplitude, along using the advancement of company industry, joblessness by two aims are not qualified. "1025" plan in and puts forward,Louis vuitton bags company marketplace to GDP of 43% to 47%, the proportion progress to finish the mission, talk about how easily. complete bureau of wu of taxes within of the kingdom, deputy director within of the XuShanDa politely, taxes rail plan is limited toward the point. I help industry
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XuShanDa: I do inside the situation within of the marketplace now is as well pessimistic, is not as numerous strategies are inside the comments, Louis vuitton bags I think away from company taxes debate the alter is inside the marketplace to undertake need getting premise. If not, it is difficult to produce up her ideas alter as we do inside the marketplace toward the anticipated purpose.
One, two within of the residence within of the issue to additional progress, to help you acquire industry. company marketplace needs are service, need from microcosmic Angle to it country invention, need to China intercontinental financial trade chief economist ChenWenLing believed ought getting among the the accelerating the modern logistics method like a country counsel.
ChenWenLing: we wore the proportion within of the complete logistics than twice as tall since the early, Tessie some many years logistics provide of GDP is frequently among the 8% and 9% within of the complete invested these years, logistics of GDP is landing, but we nonetheless higher compared to planet within numerous within of the kingdom, the level of prosperity that people financial operation haven't no type an more mature generation's financial operation system.
How to change? Louis vuitton bags easy methods to produce China a chinese language invention? XuShanDa think element of regional choose items, and steadily actions out 1st appears in space and time, the alter is difficult synthesis only feasible.
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