Autumn, lamenting some of the sadness

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 15:11
September autumn meandering with lonely footsteps hurried toward me, awakening memories linger barren hubbub, light smell the fragrance of a handful of flowers withered, the open windows of the cold, pour listen Yela wandering wounds, Falling orders chess daylight and wind Guyan empty dance circling ahead in the sky, cast not see the night sky pregnant with that touch of melancholy color, listen to the sound of heartbreak, only I quietly pondered ...... a person back, or Zhuzu, when seasonal cycle when the mood will inevitably and sad as the scene, whether it is in real life new era caps all the frustration or for love, sadness fuss is not the theme song of this era, and I Only in this season listening to sad music indulge in moments of silence, so involuntary pain and nostalgia. breeze hit, no direction either by the current cold, tired dazed crossed my face, and some faint unseen pain, when the tears fall as gaunt face when our feelings is a person's glasses, swaying alone drunk, so much sadness, so many camouflage the pain, in a dream also, or sober, in the time of old and I am a deep sigh, along with the wind will whisper to himself alone unhappy Wan Xu piled biting cold cool text.

night groaning, Shizumori a fleeting fleeting well, Moon boundless tenderness dense cold hearts throbbing emotions, Yeliangrushui intersection in Shiba vent to blow me awake raging gesture thin figure, at the moment a few point star dilute also tireless beating, charming night trek imprisoned dash. if life had not met, if I do not walk alone in the lonely Love, in the leading edge of the old things pondering stare piercing pain, chewing tears taste. Poke mood fog cloud, plain as parked lost trying to salvage those feelings that a little tenderness, to pen and ink, burying my melancholy. tossing and turning, time flies, the haze in the whole season, lonely night has spread heal sadness, hovering around the traces in countless lonely. If fate can I awakened from a sad, happy to manage willful innocence, if I do not want to read fine watch, and the sad silence day after day ... bustling left and right eye alone, fingers songs, melodious songs,new era snapbacks stories like mountain stream event Concert in drinking alone among the flowers, sounds really flowing in, emotions and elegant, in the final song, strings broke, the flowers in the sense of loss with, perhaps, but I can only indulge in the quiet corridors waiting time that people understand my heart.
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