Maybe you years unharmed

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 18:31
years, the Pro song rife, drifting across my eyes, blew my touch of sadness, in earthly beauties charming fragrance into their hearts, and the fleeting light dance Seduction, warm flowing. past is a poem line, in the years meandering flow into the mix of scenery, just for the moment Looking back, look stare spirits. me deep in years, bowed gently warm up time for you to basking under a gentle, I light Tasui jade-like past, and the time in the warm, wandering around with you all the way, used to look Chunhuaqiuyue, Tianzi beautiful. Amidst the sun, the earth wind and rain, I promise you years unharmed, no complaints from the War. your face into a smile in my heart blossoming lilac, spread a touch of sadness, swaying into years of stubbornly persists. I promise you life secure, and I, love you describe a long stroll arena dreams, and total calm. Green Blue Love by Dongfeng seek, I knew it was already summer, could not bear falling away come again and again, I withered petals pressed in the book, Su Jian one, once overflowing spring, and now I lock spring leaf worry, read the past, cherish it come and go without much time, I hang around the good time to lock I, clear autumn, in summer afternoon, as you cheap new era caps delicately heart, I, bring cool. owned numerous earthly farewell, the achievements of a section of bleak poetry, encounter and parting, this is the life Emotion with sad beauty, because of the encounter, so knowing each other, because parting, so remember, then, we comprehend the true meaning of love, learned to cherish.

I am with you also meet in the depths of the years, the years of seeing the vine, the 1st day of your young face erosion. face fillip old, autumn and frost Jisi, Shaohua solo fleeting, my years of holding hands, walked into the graceful footsteps Suigetsu south, bold Northwest desert, after the everywhere, leaving me Yours sincerely desire and message of hope. I promise you years unharmed, no complaints from the War, the years and the days of the same, I wish also with you together and live together in. summer flowing color, colorful look to me for many years, I was collecting corner blue sky, such as Bi, comfort your life as safe and sound as clear sky; My memo captures a shallow clouds, warm your life Qing Ji worry. priceless phase, such as Fu, I nestling in the depths of time, tenderness of this love for your complaint, you block the Mu wind comb rain, sending you I, king dancers. I promise you I, unharmed, years of stable, Red depths, and I'm exhausted evening twilight Zhao Zhao, I, delighted just to bloom for you, just for you with a spectrum of Acacia than a dream long. twists and turns, ups and downs of life blur, only to meet with you, then I am with you to each other, ride out the storm of life, I, floral smell. Song, was removed at the ups and downs as a way out of surprises, some silently sunset Cheap New Era UK like sadness, Bowl, why must the unhappy Wan Xu precipitate into the past, how words complaints from the War. I traveled thousands of miles, laughing wind dust off, cash Yihe Dance at Shaohua, facial features seven thirds smile proudly, with your love, indifferent world, gains, this life I promise you years of clear, quiet good unharmed, no complaints from the War ......
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