2005年11月17日(木) 1時05分
Okay ! I'm back if for a while. Hurhur. KL wasn't all that great. And I have to go to malacca tomorrow. Sulks. Minstrel Boy from the soundtrack of Black Hawk Down is nice, irish and sad. Mmms. Meanwhile, p10 is love. Absolutely. I love my gorgeous girlfriends. I look like a retard though. Lols.

Yes. I have fat arms. But I love my friends. Graces, xunny, jema, sally, qua and michy. Make no mistake about that. We have to meet up soon ! Hurhur.


2005年11月14日(月) 1時06分
Very burnt. Argh. It sucks.
I don't care about being tan at all !!
I look something like this . Bugger.
I don't like the sun.
Okay, everyone remind me to watch project runway tomorrow.

At the last match, he was,
as described by a friend,
Ooh la la.
I liike.

Amusing Cont'd 2 

2005年11月12日(土) 1時56分
There's some last minute outing to sentosa tomorrow.
Typical of 33. Except whenever I organise it, it never is successful.
I get to see my other half shiying ! YAYYY !
And I get to err tan. Riight. Not too keen but oh wells. Hmmms.

I wonder if anyone else is interested in the AC Xmas Drama production.
20 bucks. Quite expensive considering my current financial situation.
Shall try to persuade people to go.
Might be in malacca on the 21st and 22nd. Not too sure.
Yao told me that we have history.
History or malaysia.
That's quite a tough call. LOLS.
CDP next monday. Bugger. I hope it won't be yet another total waste of my time.
I plan to finish my assignments by november too. Looks like it isn't going to be very possible at all. Gah.
And like, where do we have the time to have the SL meetings ? Argh.
The stupid SL project is driving me up the wall.
Contrary to popular belief, I didn't volunteer to be one of the OICs.
Just kill me please.

Moving on, Sandy Toksvig's Whistling for the Elephants is a must read.
It's a really nice, thought provoking book.
Poignant, thoughtful and satisfying.
Yayy, books are love.
They are all overdue. Have to go borrow more.
And my book the 12th is still not out in stores. SULKS MAJORLY.

Okok, shall go sleep lest I find myself still in bed at 11am tomorrow. Haha.

Amusing Cont'd 

2005年11月12日(土) 1時56分
Went for some alpha list course today. Rather dull.
But there were some interesting points and stuff. And I had an interesting time joking with adel, yh and sharon. Hahahah. Weird rich trainer dude.
Then went towning with sharon again ! Haahaa.
Was dying to try out NYDC.
The baked rice was bad but the mudpie was fantastic !
Mmmmms. I am so going back there again for their desserts.
Am having a craving for cafe cartel's macaroni. BAD.
Saw a few nice wallets. I want a new wallet.
And addidas has nice stuff. Oh oh. I have an urge to buy soccer shoes.
I have no idea why. I don't even play soccer.
Damn. I should start. Lols.

I am not biased mr i am oh so magnanimous aw. You take that back. Hoho.
Or maybe I am. Hahh.
Michelle is da mannn ! Hurhur. And I love my funny feminine honey bunny xunny.
In fact, I love p10 !! Loads.
In other news, one friend is FAR from straight as a ruler.
Sigh, haven't heard from her in a few gazillion years. It's pretty sad really.
And another friend broke up with someone we all know and love. Ayee.
But I'm sure they must've had their reasons. Oh wells.


2005年11月12日(土) 1時22分
I can't remember if I've already mentioned this about a million times.
But I don't care.
Junk-feud and thesuperficial are hilarious ! HOHO !
It's really quite entertaining. Lols. In a mean sort of way I guess. Hmmms.
Anyway. Have been lazy. So...
PW is over. WOOHOO!
After the whole ordeal, I must say that I've been indeed quite blessed with wonderful pw groupmates who tolerated my crap and didn't give me crap that I had to tolerate. So kudos to my wonderful classmates and friends, denise, jianqi and houteng !
Screwed up my OP though. Let's not go there.
Chinese is over. And if I don't have to retake,
I don't even know what that was by the way, hurhur.

Yep, went out with dearlybeloved. Hahaha.
Didn't take as many pictures as we wanted to outside.
But, sharon did of course make up for it by taking about 40 pictures wearing my clothes and posing in my bedroom. Wry. Lols.
And we took about a billion spastic neoprints ! WAHA. Waste of cash but funny anyways.

Went out with my mother and my sis on thursday.
We're leaving for KL next week. Must take lotsa photos and buy nice stuff ! Hurhur.
Bought lotsa junk from ntuc. Ice cream. Chips. Peanut butter kitkat which I absolutely adore. I am so awfully fat. Boo.
Oh and be jealous. Be VERY jealous.
Nyahh nyahh nyahh. Aren't we all jealous of me ? Hurhur.
Am going with samuel and amanda. Teehee, booked through AXS.


2005年11月08日(火) 2時51分
It's now 2am and some mad psychos are racing their bikes or something.
It's so bloody loud and they should all get a life. Irritating cows.
People have project work to complete.
Have finished I and R and also writing out my speech on new cue cards.
They are too big, am not used to them. Erpx.
Anyway, I hope I don't forget to bring anything tomorrow.
As it is, I can't find the cd they gave us. GROWLS.
I was never the responsible one. Sigh.
And I've been having half a blocked nose the whole day.
Dislikes my sensitive nose. Sniffs.

Go visit, it's absolutely hilarious.
I adore it. HAHA.
And darling, I have a life and a family too you know.
But noooo, I am doing project work.
When I actually can be catching up on my beauty sleep.
Rahh, it's all coming to an end. Mmms.
I wanted to say something, can't remember what though.
We have absolutely got to go out with steph gwee.
AHAHA. Miss that girl loads.
Had tons of fun with her. Oh the excitement.
OH. And our first choir prac is on the opening day of happy pots.
LIKE, WADDE !? Growls.
Don't care. Must watch. On opening day hopefully. Must must.


2005年11月07日(月) 12時22分
Amongst mediocrity, you have achieved new levels of sucking.
Wahaha ! Was watching a Friends rerun last night. Funny, joey is funny cute. Hurhur.
Whose line is it anyway was hilarious too.
Okay, shall type in short bursts. More effective, maybe.
Her journal (and i shan't say whose) is quite hilarious.
Not in a deliberate way but it's just.. so cute. The way she puts things and stuff. Haha.
And why does he always wear cargo pants ?
Lols. Either way, I liiiike.
Just one more day and I will be done with dreaded project work ! Woots !
Have to finish my i and r and the blasted OP presentation.
Why oh why aren't we with the class in the morning ? GAH.
Anyways, I can't wait for wednesday.
Will finally have the chance to go shopping with Sharon !
Yayy, ie can go mad. Bop bop.
Tralalalala. Ooh, and I can't wait to watch the 4th Happy Pots either !
Exciting. Okay, shall update later. Too much nonsense for one entry.
I felt like a greek goddess of sorts when I tried them. Haha.
Yay for new purchases, lols.


2005年11月07日(月) 0時42分
Because yaplog is cute. I mean the graphics. They make me feel happy. Somehow. I know. Cheap thrill right ? Hahaha. Let's try one now. Oooh, super kawaii ! Hurhur. Okay. The bad thing is, it takes a few eons to load. Not good. Oh wells. And I cant like, read jap either. But pretty pics make up for it ! Bounces. Okay, clim just came online. How cute. Thinks. About him and his small eyes. HAHA. I need help. Teehee. Just in case, the comment button is below the entry. No idea how to toggle the html and add a tagboard. I just love jap stuff.


2005年09月05日(月) 23時54分

If you only once would let me
Only just one time
Then be happy with the consequence
With whatever's gonna happen tonight
Don't think we're not serious
When's it ever not
The love we make is give and it's take
I'm game to play along

All I can say
I shouldn't say
Can we take a ride?
Get out of this place
While we still have time

All the best DJs are saving
Their slowest song for last
When the dance is through
Its me and you
Come on would it really be so bad
The things we think might be the same
But I won't fight for more
Its just not me to wear it on my sleeve
Count on that for sure

All I can say
I shouldn't say
Can we take a ride?
Get out of this place
While we still have time
You want to take a ride?
Get out of this place
While we still have time
Yeah - We still have time

Can't say I was never wrong
But some blame rests on you
Work and play they're never okay
To mix the way we do

Goodness, Jimmy Eat World's Work rocks totally. I am so in love with it. It's just so sad and appropriate in a way. I guess. It's like so heartbreaking when they play it along with the sad scenes in One Tree Hill. I'm like, having it on eternal loop now. Sniffles. It's just so sad and apt. I really have to find a new and better substitute for the word sad. Haha.
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