Jiang Junhao directly will be saying dead

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 15:48

() ready. , Jiang Junhao join girlhood album production is almost past week, the heat of the scandal slightly retreat, the parties face of girlhood concern is gradually huge up. Jiang Junhao successful landing in the United States in the end can be produced as girlhood a what kind of album, song coupler geometry girlhood whether the interpretation of the good. All kinds of speculation ensued, but on this album, Kim Tae Yeon is really no confidence. Own state gradually influence gradually expanded recording work, which should give the sample Jiang Junhao because she did not record the face of official recording will commence shortly, Kim Tae Yeon said, a lot of pressure. But the face Kangin inquiry, Kim Tae Yeon or only smiled and said, The ads sound has cut in the noisy sound re-echoed in the broadcasting between the overhead light only feel groggy; voice was tired, but still want to insist on more than one hour broadcast task, such a bad state What time is the head? Kim Tae Yeon only feel the hearts of the oppressed, is about to not hide the. A few days ago the first time meet with Jiang Junhao Lin Yun children are left alone, this should be the captain asked her to handle. This is nothing, but in the evening it was Tiffany point out, few people these days Dounong really embarrassing. Succession within a week to touch the face three times, and every time allow children should be left alone, it is estimated, Lin Yun children Jiang Junhao seems more suitable than she became captain.? In today to be broadcast before Zheng Xiu Yan also special private found her bluntly that she needs to cheer up, because her non but the bad state of the attitude of the song is also very problematic. The listening side Kangin narrative, Kim Tae Yeon can only thank out wildly Smile. Taeyeon body uncomfortable, it may be busy recording tired but it does not matter, I'm still here just seen so many text messages are Taeyeon asked Jiang Junhao predecessors, I was not clear predecessors love things we are also very curious ... also did not dare to ask, But the older generation in the studio or useful producer's posture, learning music and predecessors, we feel very honored. Whether Horikita Maki of Japan or in Korea, Jiang Junhao Neither appeared before the media, so many people only through this way to inquire about twelve. But Kim Tae Yeon seems Jiang Junhao and Horikita Maki, how do not like love. Jiang Junhao not so muffled, sometimes a series of work seventy-eight hours not even telephone and SMS without a love public at the airport after the man move, both sides how should step into the first The two honeymoon period? Taking advantage of the first phase of the interpretation of advertising time, Kim Tae Yeon efforts to gossip some you want to let your emotions come alive again. Suddenly, she saw the front Gechuang PD suddenly stood up and astonished said, also stretched out his hands toward the door. Kim Tae Yeon's position can not see anything, but look at the state of the PD, this should be a big shot. Not long after, I saw PD back to the Gechuang ago, made a big gesture. 'A guest to. 'Who are you? Kim Tae Yeon just curious, broadcast between the door was pushed open. To walk in the door, it was Kim Tae Yeon just still gossip, Jiang Junhao. even also the door shut tightly, is to let Jiang Junhao do not go. Jiang Junhao's arrival did Kim Tae Yeon was surprised schedule that brokers do? Even if they can handle, broadcast on such a big thing, will advance to the radio What? Anyway, Kim Tae Yeon instinctively feel UGG Patent Paisley, Jiang Junhao to come here, not just to say hello so simple. Regards to the end, Jiang Junhao sat opposite her guests sitting with Kangin asked about the news of Kim Heechul and Han Geng. Before long, the will to resume broadcasting time. disturb thing because ... welcome predecessors Jiang Junhao, come to us 'Kangin Taeyeon's close friends' guest applause the arrival of directly published. Even imagine the surprise of fans, Jiang Junhao bang Hello, everybody, the forum of the webcast, as soon as the'' symbol brush down as many as three. Is immediately and to SMS UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah Sale, Kim Tae Yeon looked at the front of the computer screen, I suddenly felt the Today program, should be called 'the Jiangjun Hao special edition'. Looked as if organized scraper general SMS report board, that speed and even gives a meal meal fuzzy sense, Kim Tae Yeon surprised gasp, and immediately after secretly aiming Jiang Junhao a. With a pair of gold-rimmed glasses will be more than a little bookish UGG Classic Short Dylyn Boots, sudden appearance surprised, still elated let other people to accept the ensuing trouble. Perhaps, this is called a gas field? Listen Jiang Junhao self, Kim Tae Yeon do not know, for the captain of the word, he is still very concerned. times tempted, Jiang Junhao directly will be saying dead, so want to Jiang Junhao exercises MC skill Kangin embarrassment to the straight scratching their heads leather. Taeyeon liked the radio work? language greatly to the on and intentionally funny General is very good, but feel good or not as good as the stage lights dim, the audience is only a voice in your chest, the audience stood and are willing to listen, pay attention and listen to you sing This song is feeling here copy can not. She then react to disperse the color of the eyes Nama yearning curious since Jiang Junhao then say. new radio listeners. they are listening to your voice, because you only one voice. throw a bomb. wrong, you do not cover for me. Is edgeways with MC Kangin stay here until this time, he was asked: found it until now, I did not understand the word Jiang Junhao his right to the things of the past period of trainee sensitive parts of which have not the slightest omission, he bluntly actually relied on the identity of the predecessors 'bullied' Kim Tae Yeon, is the debut. Standing Jiang Junhao original position have such a story, are silent, the only one with a little of the vicissitudes of the voice tells the entire broadcast.

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