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November 02 [Fri], 2012, 11:51
But in order to avoid being sent out of conscience, spyder jackets decided to, up to the Xuanyuan Lingyun much burn paper money well. The evildoer to pack her, and joyfully at the xin continued to ramble. Not for a while, I bought a bunch of Luoshui at sixes and sevens gadgets in his arms, his mouth still bite the candied fruit, and then pushed to the front juggling.Would please eat them with a fox, but after a lot of persuasion, xin is not to accept the xin kindness, so, what a person eat fast Chengsi. Although the fox always face indifference is not interested in expression, but, as long as the fox will accompany beside xin, Luoshui feel meet very happy.

Until, moncler jacken outlet eyes inadvertently see the towers on a red figure. It is a peerlessly beautiful woman. Red and bright, beautiful face is like the past as a charming style, Yingying smile look, lip gently to depict two characters: "crimson moon." "it is glazed, red fox owners of the king, now also is the princess of the silver fox family. In the scarlet moon had nearly forgotten xin, xin appears. xin smiled to xin gently waved, then turned down the tower.

Scarlet moon shape with a condensate, look still focus on juggling Luoshui, whirled go. After moncler jacken outlet's scent, scarlet moon in a quiet Lake Pavilion in find xin. xin standing at the booth side bar, the wind blowing softly xin clothes and long hair, lining the night, like a pair of the most beautiful landscapes.Detect behind the news, xin slowly turned around, gently with a smile: "the scarlet moon, long time no see." scarlet moon looked at xin, look cool, cool opening: "perhaps never to see better." "you still blame me?" glazed sighed softly, slowly approached xin front, "many what, you all do not know.

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