every breath is convergence

December 10 [Mon], 2012, 15:46
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultEmperor Yu Shen Nanwang from the room where more and more near ,he cast his perception ,suddenly the room all to see clearly .
Love reading the past just seen this scene in the movie ,did not think this was a version of the scene . He is and his princess staged a pornographic theater ,Jewa is also still standing outside .
If there is no recovery memory before ,that he would be at a loss what to do .But now it is not the past ,so many island film nor white watch .Do not eat pork or watched pigs run ,but now this sentence should be changed ,not seen running or eaten pork pig .
Shen Nan Wang ,I also considered worthy of you ,in your best time to kill you ,better than other death well thousands of times .I hope you treasure can also better, don let me down .
Emperor Yu standing outside no will ,is heard the sound ,he know when the time is up .Dragon gun appears directly in his hands, his whole person was rushed in . Reminisce start ,flickers in the sky a ghost .
Dragon gun pointed directly across the Shen Nan king ,gathered his life .Shen Nan king how also think ,he should be in such times .Di Yu gun is too fast, Shen Nan Wang ,he is lost in the room .
He just killed Shen smoothly ,it is the key .He still needs Yuan Stone ,but the more the better . Ah ... ... A scream make the welkin ring ,the figure of Jewa has just left ,Shen Nan Wang neck began to gush blood .
He was still enjoying the moment ,consciousness is lost .Before dying ,he didn who really killed his .Shen Nan Wang blood injection in the princess face ,her eyes closed ,a face of fawn colored .
Feel warm blood injection in her face, she is also with the tongue licking .But immediately she was feeling was wrong ,she opened her eyes with ,is to see the Shen Nan Wang neck bleeding .
She screamed ,is directly passed out .Heard the scream ,the whole palace also become inured to the unusual .Shen Nan Wang always used various means to torture the princess ,this call other people are accustomed to the .
Because of this ,people not to find Shen Nan king is dead Men's Canada Goose Constable Cheap.Has asked a lot of people, finally let the Emperor Yu asked out the treasure place .Shen Nan Dynasty is at least a dynasty ,some element of stone is certainly some .
As for other things, do not know there is No .Used the palace treasure library ,Jewa is also very .These palace treasure library just send a few people to protect ,and no other what .
Anyway, they this treasure, the strength of high strength low can not ,cannot go in .But when the Emperor Yu so weird ,they only stop .Walk in the footsteps of Jewa ,but is stopped .
He felt his heart that disturbed is getting more and more intense ,the absolute risk of in front of .But he was not afraid ,but excitement .Should be in front of the strong ,he is now in need of the war .
To absorb those bandits vitality ,his strength is also a lot of progress .Is now in need of a battle to test their ,this opportunity naturally need to hold .Hiding in the shadows of the black killer is a frown ,he was induced to the front of the warrior .
But since God plume choice forward ,then let the boy go .Anyway, as long as he dies on the line ,being hurt the boy is really nothing .The Emperor Yu to treasure time, his body hair blown up .
He suddenly stopped ,an attack on the heart with one .He knew it was the unknown risk ,there must be strong . ,you are very powerful ,courage is not the small .It killed my son ,let me this white-haired people who send black hair ,don you will pay the price UGG Classic Tall Fancy On Sale?Gee ,this is so the repair, but such a genius .
An old man appears in front of Emperor Yu ,the old man was standing in the air .To Royal gas flight should be emperor extremely environment above the warrior ,and in such a small Dynasty ,such a strong should only imperial extremely environment .
But the concrete which is a small state, Emperor Yu don .Anyway, as he is now state, as long as the imperial extremely exit strong, he is not the opponent .It seems your intuition really is, there really strong .
your son is too bad ,I want to kill that kid .But surely you can so I do .You can not burn the bridge after crossing it ,such behavior is shameful . Emperor Yu had made escape preparations, but this imperial extremely exit ,he could beat the .
If want to hone their ,looking for the king the polar environment good, imperial extremely exit also too much . You !Hell ,kid me today, I ! Shennan days ,namely Shen Nan Wang ,is it is it God plume nose is out of joint .
Emperor Yu killed his son ,still says actually so easily, more like helped him like . Don big temper ,gas bad body not good .You are so old, if direct died ,Emperor Yu pause ,it would be too good .
Di Yu as he finished speaking ,he is turned and ran .This is imperial extremely exit strong, left to simply have a death wish .Emperor Wu and Wang pole pole condition throughout the military was not a grade ,in his current state simply can not be emperor extremely exit opponent .
Shen Nantian is not ready to let go of his ,for this to hold something heart queen exit stronger, more little hope .While he is God of Kung Fu, Tai Yu is the use of the remembrance .
... ... Kid, you don ,I kill you ! Unfortunately, Emperor Yu has escaped from a distance ,Shennan days had to chase at the back .Di Yu was very fast, he darted out far away ,still have yet to dissipate the afterimage .
Don the strange ,you have the ability to kill me ! Shen Nantian is queen exit warrior ,can drive gas flight speed God plume ,simply can not be Shen southern rivals .So he ran out of the palace ,is in the crowd .
Magic ,transform heaven and earth ! His face began to change, every breath is convergence ,is a piece of clothing .He disguised himself as a butler master ,out on the street a bye step ,slowly swinging .
I take you to dinner, let the old man slowly to find ,let him slowly anxious to . Selected an inn ,Jewa is a walking walked past .Right hand rocked the fan ,in the street rampage ,like crabs generally go sideways up .
Many people are not angry ,but his dress should have a long history ,are all began . The young master ,what do you want? Look at this style of Emperor Yu ,is absolutely the only sheep .
The two happily ran ,he was prepared to ruthlessly kill emperor yu .This masterful master ,don care about the money . Will you give me the best food and drink on the table ,if good word ,the young master of heavy reward .
Ok ! The second was not expected, the master is really rich .He immediately took Emperor Yu went to the best room ,he had already began to plan how to make money .Emperor Yu here and the other side of the south ,Shen is urgent .
Just saw Emperor Yu ,now how suddenly disappeared .Only a god of Kung Fu, and then catch up to Emperor Yu is disappeared . Wrong ,how could such .He could not escape ,must still be in the city .
A great warrior king environment only, if in my hand away ,then I live . Come ,give me a blocked the gates ,the city under martial law ,not to any individual . Shen Nantian as Shen Nan Dynasty king of men too ,naturally there are many .
A dark figure kneeling beside him ,and nodded ,is disappearing in situ .He sneered ,will be fully blocked up ,do not believe that God plume can escape . ,don let me catch you ,or let you die ,huh ! He is full of confidence ,but will also be said out God plume .
Silver blood pupil teenager ,this appearance is too scarce, even he .Such a person in the city ,but without evidence of .But then everything, but let Shen Nantian no way .Launched the troops ,were found not to Emperor Yu .
At the same time southeast northwest around the gates is also found no traces of emperor yu .Say normally ,such a person ,do not have vanished into thin air .But now that special someone Canada Goose Men's Banff, just disappear .
Shen Nantian will be the hell ,but looking for several times, still no found .Emperor Yu used operation ,with silver hair turn black ,red and black pupil .The face is a little transformation ,other people are naturally out of all recognition .
If the Shanghai South Heaven knows ,he will find God plume are eating and drinking, probably will highlight several blood gas .He will hand the people called many times, but still did not find God plume .
After dark ,Shen south is sneered . I don where have you been hiding ,but you certainly not out of town .Now I know ,you should still hiding in the palace .The most dangerous place is the safest place ,think I do not know ? Shen Nantian didn god plume will naturally operation ,he will only be able to own judgment to determine their actions .
When looking for a day did not find ,so only the palace not searched . Give me surrounded the palace ,full search ! In Shanghai South days surrounded by palace ,Jewa is also the action .
There moon tonight ,it is very suitable for escape .Surgical results are long gone, and he is back to normal .But he has been hiding ,not moving . I hope this run smoothly, imperial extremely exit strong ,later again .
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