Rainy day, detain a guest day

November 11 [Mon], 2013, 11:02
Rainy day, detain a guest day

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Story: a rainy day , the owner did not want visitors to lodging, so wrote a few words on a piece of paper " rainy day stay I do not ask a guest to leave ," the master means " rain, day detain a guest , days leave me do not stay . " guests watched , secretly punctuated was back to the" rainy day, detain a guest day , leaving me no ? stay ! "master no longer embarrassed to drive customers away.

Rainy day, detain a guest days. Leave me not ? Stay ! Said that dialogue is willing to detain a guest

Rainy detain a guest , day stay I do not leave ! Said the owner unwilling to detain a guest

Rainy day, detain a guest day , leaving me without leaving ? Means that the owner would be willing to leave the guests asked guests .

The reason think of this story because today I happened to go there to play friends , rain, I think a friend would leave me because of the rain for lunch , who knows a friend chose to go out to do things, and did not entertain me , sad ah , I think I behave so fail , even there such a thing

I know that should not blame a friend , a friend is a careless person , often a hot head impulse to do something today, just think of a friend Sunday , good money , so I forgot that I was a guest from afar , seeing friends leave in a hurry pace , I had to go to another friend for lunch mixed , it seems my principle is not completely fail , or someone willing to keep me on a rainy day to eat

Write these are just having fun, no other meaning , I want to say is that the same thing , everyone has their own views , like on this sentence , everyone has everyone's reading method, only punctuation is different

We always used to stand on our own point of view, so everyone thinks they are right and others are wrong, in fact, look at their own mistakes is the best thing to do, but unfortunately we all chose to avoid their mistakes

Always ask others to understand their own , but we have no wish to understand others in the past , there is no standing in someone else's point of view the feelings of others , so we really should not always ask others to understand themselves, but should always ask yourself , have others do not understand
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Rainy day, detain a guest days, you do not leave me ah stay
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