To his dismay Titans interested in signing former Falcons the sack king for a long time unemployed

May 10 [Fri], 2013, 12:11

According to ESPN reports, the Tennessee Nike 2013 NFL Jerseys Titans are to discuss the possibility of signed former Atlanta Falcons defensive end front - John Abraham, the two sides may be the fastest in signing this weekend.
    Abraham this week has just had his 35th birthday last weekend, he visited the Titans. Since the Falcons dismissal He also visited New 2013 NFL Jerseys the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.
    Abraham on Twitter last weekend released Nike Sports Clothing a series of messages, seems to imply that he is considering retirement. However, according to sources around Abraham, Abraham Twitter may just expressed his feelings of frustration, the Falcons dismissed since March, he has failed to find a job.
    10 last season, Abraham sack, sack king NFL Super Bowl Jerseys of the squad, but the left ankle injury in the final battle of the regular season in the playoffs, he did not contribute to the team too much.
    Abraham in 2006 from the Jets Nike Elite NFL Jerseys traded to the Falcons, Falcons contributed 68.5 sack career total of 122 sack.