Mu Lan cheap mlb hats take the high road service

July 09 [Mon], 2012, 11:40

reported, Mu Lan is a fashion company registered in Hong Kong, wholesale bseball caps with the rise of Shenzhen garment industry, moved its production base in Shenzhen, added to the Shenzhen garment industry in the coming weeks. Mu Lan quality, high-level womens country of origin for Italy, Finland, Germany, are from the hand of the international fashion guru. The close cooperation with internationally renowned company more than ten years, has accumulated a wealth of design and production experience in luxury goods such as haute couture. Currently, the Mu-lan in China has more than 100 self-store room, located address Chinas major capital cities.

Mu Lan among the high-end womens ranks, advance the luxury market, coincidentally. Survey from relevant agencies, the U.S. and Japan, the Chinese market has become an international top brands compete for the attention and focus. In 2006, the International Women moving into China advanced customization. At the same time, Chinas first top brands have begun a "senior Chinese custom." Concerned that China is the worlds luxury brand will be the third level.

Mu Lan told reporters, Mu Lan stores had already settled in Macau wholesale new era hats signed "Venetian Las Vegas" resort "Grand Canal Shoppes", here brings together world-renowned famous brand, Mu Lan and international top quality jewelry, clothing and so tied them.

meet growing consumer demand for high-end

top product sales and service of humanity, individuality, is the most basic means to attract loyal customers. Good reputation can consolidate its consumer loop. To this end, Mu Lan cheap mlb hats take the high road service, launched a VIP Club Mu Lan, providing member services.

Mu Lan in the marketing of fine, very prominent origin concept. According to reports, the high-end luxury clothing proper way, great emphasis on luxury goods origin. French perfume, Italian leather goods, Swiss watches, in their respective fields to cultivate a large number of luxury brands. International luxury brand line from raw materials, parts to manufacture, in origin, guaranteeing the genuine, authentic and traditional means of origin, which is cheap baseball hats what the consumer wants. At the same time origin "manufacturing process" unique: complex processes, several times more than the industry average manufacturing time, a lot of hand-made, with strict attention to materials, production process complexity, coupled with scarcity of raw materials, limited production, constitutes a high value of reasons. Mu-lan has always maintained its high-end women from Italy, with a limited supply of materials, is the truth.

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