wind wholesale bseball caps jackets are printed

July 06 [Fri], 2012, 11:53

LEVIS 501 image ingrained in the history of LEVIS jeans is an essential name, so LEVIS TIME to launch watches series, breaking the image itself is indeed most difficult task. So LEVIS TIMEs successful experience in the use of jeans to unconventional advertising campaign to attack, use 12 "FIGURE FIGURE for endorsers like only a distance, LEVIS TIME in the ad 1/6FIGURE models with limited Watch as the worlds limited edition version, so you can have a super crazy fans, and even personally concocted a private Special Edition ad now challenges players to hand back down, how competition and the world LEVIS FANS less than 501 models of the Queen it?

01.DESIGNER.s hair as long as the difference is and the HEADPHONE become white, and the rest of the brown color is not very different.

02.FIGURE which of course will wear limited edition watches, there are really set the table attached, is also cheap baseball hats individually numbered very collectible.

03.TEE, HEADPHONE wind wholesale bseball caps jackets are printed with LEVIS Engineered jeans pattern, comparable non-FIGURE other fashion.

FIGURE watch set with individually numbered certificates are attached, the worlds limited edition of 470 sets of brown hair around LEVIS SHOP for sale. wholesale new era hats

"time", "loaded" advertising MODEL

good if memory FANS, should remember that in LEVIS TIME campaigns have appeared PAUL LEUNG work and the launch of the "virtual" task FIGURE. in fact this role and by DANNY Superman The duo IND production, the original concept is to make a real Engineered jeans clothing advertising endorsements singer, of course you will not doubt for HOTTOYS produced something of Superman and Peter Pans craft, but it indicates that another member of DANNY Now the cartoon face with the right to avoid Shaw problems with the design, but now LEVIS duly authorized to wear watches, clothes FIGURE wholesale baseball hats costs have nearly two thousand dollars, if coupled with the singers head carved really do not know how realistic pricing while The limited edition of 500 sets of FIGURE by HOTTOYS responsible for production, quality ensures a certain naturally.

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