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April 21 [Sat], 2012, 12:15
Platform hogan sito ufficiale fish tank shoes are one of the latest revolutionary changes in footwear style that have made platform shoes look more fashionable and stylish. With a fish tank design on the outer layer, these shoes basically feature the concept of swimming fish on the rear part or in the heels of the shoes. Constructed of high quality leather materials, this type of platform shoes feature a black sole, faux leather and side strap and are available in different shades such as cheetah texture of zebra skin designs. Hardly ever worn for a fashion statement, this type of footwear was mostly seen as accessories to disco party costumes.

Fish tank shoes are usually considered retro styled novelty footwear that resembled the disco costumes of the seventies. These shoes were seen countless times in movies depicting pimps or drug dealers in the 1970's and have become a symbol for the era of the times. A great accessory to Halloween costumes, these platform shoes, which are extremely popular between teens and party folks, are considered a perfect choice for a disco or party. While the thick soled shoes helped heighten the stature of women, the tall pedestal shoes were generally preferred by demimonde and women from higher strata of society. Similarly, while wearing tall platform shoes became a part of customary geishas dress in Japan, wearing thick platform shoes were considered stylish and trendy in Manchu cultur hogan scarpe e.

Another great option of footwear that was created to be used for dancing was called gogo boots. These fashion boots that were designed with a rounded, chiseled or pointed toe were either calf or above knee boots with a flat or low heel. Constructed of synthetic or natural material, these boots were made from vinyl or plastic colors. The women's styled boots were generally tighter and feature a slightly high heel when compared to girl's style boots. Wearing these fashionable boots not only helped a woman draw attention to the legs and emphasize the A line silhouette, but also provided her with modest coverage in a successful manner.

Both Platform fish tank shoes and gogo boots are still worn by many people today. While the fish tank shoes are worn by both men and women, gogo boots are often worn by cheerleaders or gogo dancers. Both these types of fashion footwear can be conveniently purchased online or from any costume or specialty stores in a simple and easy manner hogan 2012 .
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