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May 19 [Sat], 2012, 11:06
Chinas hogan sito ufficiale deep-sea manned submersible "dragon" was successfully completed the expedition and testing tasks, and China became the United States, Japan and other countries after the worlds first five have the ability to dive countries. High Hongjie Shao, Japan in the White Paper have consequences for Chinas science and technology for peaceful this "irresponsible remarks, " There will be regarded as military purpose.

"Is China never had a poor life on the line with the interests of Japan and look forward to it? China Is the Japanese side of the poor in accordance with expectations and aspirations stand still, never behind it? It is a completely hegemonic thinking. "Koh said.

Gao Hong, said the Japanese side to this approach, exposed its "zero-sum game" Cold War mentality, reflecting the Japanese still want to insist on its own in the East Asian region so-called "soft hegemony "The attempt to bring Chinas development as their own challenges.

"Speech hogan scarpe and irresponsible for Japans point of view, China should show its own ideas and ideas, but also see the White Paper of Japan in the hidden political conspiracy. " Wang Shan said.

Lui said that the White Paper, with particular emphasis on the Japan-US alliance, in particular, highlighted the United States to Japan after the earthquake assistance. Japan wants through the Japan-US alliance relationship to balance China, the alliance itself to the Asian countries is a big pressure.

"To do a responsible big country,a and neighboring countries should equal footing, not to render any other countries so-called" threat. "Hype in Japan in the international community that China is" military threat ", not conducive to regional stability, regional security situation is also very unfavorable. "he said.

Experts hogan 2012 believe that China and Japan have established the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relationship. China hopes the two countries to seek common prosperity, while Japan should seriously reflect on their own, especially on domestic issues, not spreading misinformation, the future of bilateral relations should be inferred.
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