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May 16 [Wed], 2012, 10:36
calls hogan sito ufficiale on Syria to stop all violence, all parties BEIJING, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) According to foreign reports, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued decree on the 4th, allowing Syria to implement multi-party political system.

According to the Syrian news agency reported, 4, al-Assad on the Syrian party system issued a presidential decree allowing the establishment of political parties and factions and since 1963 has been the ruling Baath party have the same operational functions.

24 last month, the Syrian government adopted a multi-party system in that country on the draft aims to "enrich the political life, to create a new, dynamic, allowing changes in the regime. "

the hogan scarpe draft states that the "conditions for the establishment of political parties and the need to monitor their activities, objectives and guidelines", "and with these political parties finance, rights and obligations of the relevant rules. "

Bill does not allow "religious, tribal, regional interests, professional organizations, " such as the benchmark for the establishment of political parties; do not allow political parties based on race, gender or ethnic discrimination founding basis.

reported that, with al-Assad signed a presidential decree, the draft can take effect immediately, without going through Congress.

reports that the multiparty system since March of this year so far, Syria have asked the Government to reform one of the elements. Frequent demonstrations of the opposition, and with the police to maintain order, many bloody military conflict, Syria continued tension in recent months. UN Security Council on August 3 by a pres
8 3, in Chicago, Barack Obama with pianist Herbie Hancock left a handshake.
Xinhua Chicago August 3 (reporter reporters Jiangxin Tong Zhu Zhu) 3 Barack Obama returned home to Chicago to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday, and to 2012 for their re-election campaign financing.

In resolving the debt ceiling issues, August 4, about to enter the "fifties" of the year Barack Obama relief, 3-day celebration even joking. He said: "wake up tomorrow morning, when I will receive a letter from AARP, encouraged me to protect the U. S. president called on health insurance. "

For the U. S. economy, Obama said, revitalization there is still a long way to go, half did not even come now, this takes time.

Learned that day, thousands of ginseng Gao Alabamas birthday activities. Ticket prices from $ 50, you can spend $ 35, 800 and dinner with Obama, the same day nearly 100 people paid to participate in the dinner. In addition, across the United States will hold more than 1100 games like birthday activities for the Obama 2012 campaign fund-raising, all the birthday party of the income will Lie Ru Ao Ba Ma and Democratic fund-raising income in the third quarter hogan 2012 . 3
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