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May 10 [Thu], 2012, 10:56
apartments hogan donna and Beijing University of inventory items, important books, articles inventoried. North to list of items, all books, articles all over to Ji Cheng.

court, the salty side, such as that over the past decade, his monthly wage from 500 yuan to 1, 500 yuan, Ji who had promised to give him a future relocation, but I never thought Ji Cheng a He put back fired, for his heart is not happy.

prosecutor handling the case said no evidence had promised to Energize salty side, such as relocation, but the North and Ji Cheng inventory items, the school had suggested Ji Cheng North salty as to properly handle each other.

salty side like that season on the 13th bearing the apartment door were replaced, and the king because of his personal belongings, such as the room is still on, and explain them to swear to defend the good Energize room of items. So they had no key in the case, broke a glass into the interior
hogan uomo .

night of the murder is the same.

Wang, said the broken windows into the room is alive because of Jilao often broken windows. "Different masters, many of his behavior is difficult to speculate on the ordinary people, broken windows is a way to create inventive Jilao. " Wang, say, Beijing University of carpentry know, every month for second quarter, home windows and doors.

"strange theft of a strange reason. " Final trial, the prosecutor said, the reason why this case there is a dispute by the media attention, is the reason for the existence of specificity.

his analysis, Ji Cheng took to find his fathers approval of Peking University, Peking University and the former residence of Ji Cheng inventory items, to serve as the development of a "watershed. " Wang, controversial behavior of this transition, whether she thinks should go to university or foundation materials, can be resolved through civil proceedings, not the stolen goods is not his own.

although, according to the existing documentary evidence, such as the king does not have her so-called identity, but because state personnel did not fake the identity or title, and no fact or fictional method of hiding the truth than the amount of fraud large public and private property, so the prosecution did not accuse the trickster crime or fraud.

present, the case still pending sentencing hogan outlet .
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