indeed her daughter.

May 08 [Tue], 2012, 11:10
associate scarpe hogan professor of Xian Jiaotong University. After graduating from the youth assigned to Xian, Shaanxi Normal University, 51 secondary school as teachers, to teach the language scores in the city ranked third, after the Xian Jiaotong University High School as a teacher, due to frequent papers, essays, poetry, be transferred to the Xian Jiaotong University, the school newspaper, became the director of a newspaper reporter. "Director of correspondents to the university is an associate professor. "

Xian Jiaotong University Human Resources that, if not the so-called King an associate professor status in 1984 after graduating from Teachers College of Xian, Xian in January 1992 into the Medical (now Xian Jiaotong University School of Medicine) Journal editorial board, made after editing title, but not hired in 2000 or so left hogan scarpe donna .

memories of former colleagues of Xian Medical University, Wang, heard that after the departure of Dr. went on to university.

until the row Ji memorial photo on the newspaper, old colleagues know, "she became a professor at Peking University, was kind enough to Jilao a relationship. "

through the "godmother" close to Ji

if close to Ji Wang, and Yu-Jie Li relevant.

Ji Cheng in "My father and Energize, " said the December 1994-November 2008, he and his father for reasons within the family had never met.

Ji Cheng said his father around Ji formally appointed by the Secretary of the North had only died Li Zheng, in his later years his father has been the last ten years to around Yu-Jie Li, Yu-Jie Li until 2006, long-term hospitalization, did not change To Rui brief "on behalf of the class, " never heard of the king, such as.

as described by the king, she came to Beijing University as a visiting scholar, the "because my mother is 38 years Jilao secretary and assistant, I have the unique conditions to become the Queens old age Jilao Reporters, fell ill in 2006 Yu-Jie Li, Ji Lao Foundation Secretary-General appointed me as Assistant Agent Yu-Jie Lis position. "

her mothers mouth, is Yu-Jie Li, as a mother-daughter relationship when the two, She said, "I am not qualified to answer you! others have no right to know! "

At press time, the reporter could not be verified to the Yu-Jie Li. But when he said in an interview earlier Yu-Jie Li, Wang, indeed her daughter.

king as the defender, said Yu Pei, Wang Yu-Jie Li should be seen as writing in a number of reports, started to use her, but if the king did not disclose any specific time.

a broad outline, the king as close to Ji by Yu-Jie Li, and Yu-Jie Li fell ill, begin the actual "chair work. "

another case of theft suspects such as salty side, but also by Yu-Jie Li Jis close hogan scarpe 2012 .
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