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January 12 [Thu], 2012, 10:26
The Toyota Supra Mark II was the eventual supra skyop grey white shoe successor to the first generation of the Supra, and this second generation ran from 1982-1986 with a host of improvements and modifications than its predecessor, but also went through a lot of changes over its four year run as well. The Mark II was assembled in Japan, and this was another model that had the direct link with the Toyota 2000GT, especially with its engine. The sportscar was also known as Celica XX or Celica Supra MK II in some parts of the world, and it was based on a MA6x platform.

The fastback car has a 2+2 design with differences in the front look of the car, as well as the introduction of the retractable headlamps, and there was also an increase in wheelbase and length to accommodate its larger engine. The overall dimension of the car includes a wheelbase of 2613.7mm, a length of 4660.9mm, a width of 1719.6mm, a height of 1320.8mm, and a curb weight of 3000lbs. The Supra was also distinguishable in some places by the use of the performance class (P-type) or the luxury class (L-type), where mechanically they were the same but aesthetics, technology, and size differed over the years. The first year of production saw the Supra with the 2.8 litre (2759cc) 12 valve with 2 valves per cylinder DOHC 5M-GE engine that outputted 145bhp (108kW) of horsepower and 210Nm (155ft-lb) of torque.

The compression ratio measured 8.8:1 and had a vacuum advanced distributor, resulting in 0-60mph in 9.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 17.2 seconds. The Supra also featured four wheel independent suspension with MacPherson struts at the front and semi-trailing arm suspension with stabilizer bar and coil springs at the rear. The transmission was W58 five speed manual or A43DL four speed automatic with overdrive gear and locking torque converter, and the brakes consisted of four wheel disc brakes.

For the second year of production the only supra skyop black white shoe changes were in the horsepower to 150bhp (112kW) and the torque to 216Nm (159ft-lbs), as the increase came from the altered gear ratios and the new transmission of A43DE four speed. The new transmission was the first to feature “Electronically Controlled Transmission” ECT, allowing the driver to choose between “power” and “Normal” driving modes by the touch of a button. The third year saw quite a lot of changes for the five speed transmission Supra MK II as performance increased yet again to 160bhp (119kW) and a torque of 221Nm (163ft-lb), through redesigning the intake manifold with “D” shaped intake runners and increasing the compression to 9.2:1.
The exterior got wrap around turn signals, and the interior aesthetics were changed to a new look.

The last two years saw the Supra being altered greatly again, as both manual and automatic cars got a performance increase of 161bhp (120kW) with a torque of 229Nm (169ft-lb), as the engine got a redesigned throttle position sensor (TPS), a knock sensor, and an EGR system. The increase in power results in a 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds, and the quarter mile in 16.1 seconds at a top speed of 85mph (137km/h). The other changes occurred to the overall looks and interior amenities of the car.
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