The mental side of the game of golf

July 10 [Thu], 2014, 11:51

The mental side of the game of golf

For some older folks, the game of golf provides them a reason to get out of bed in the morning and helps them sustain a healthy mind and body. Yet again, unless we have a good grasp on the mental side of the game, this getting out of bed might be detrimental to us!

Regardless of age, a individual can continue to take pleasure in this fantastic game, often performing so in the in the company of an organization of buddies and family who may possibly be a lot younger.

For over five hundred years the game of golf has changed and developed to embrace the newest of technologies; the mental side of the game not withstanding. Innovations have brought the golf community longer drives, better accuracy, more comfort, and lower strokes. One piece of equipment that has ever changed due to forward thinkers has been the golf ball. Today there are numerous selections for a golfer when it comes to the ball he chooses to use. This is simply because of the long history that has evolved the golf ball. Yet again, this points out the critical importance of a balance between the mechanics and the mental side of the game. Forgotten is the latter and more emphasis is placed on getting gear today then ever before. Where, in fact, the time and effort needs to be a balance between the mechanical side and the mental side of golf. Even the best gear in the hands of a mental mess isn't going to produce a lower score, this is for sure, as we have all seen that, both in our own games but also out on the tour.

The outstanding beauty of the game of golf, I believe, is its complexity and balance between the mechanics plus the mental. In motion, you must be able to strike a little sphere with a two-to-4-inch block of metal or wood on the end of a 43-inch composite or metal shaft although standing roughly 30 inches away from it, and do it in such a manner that the center of the clubface connects with the exact tangent point of the ball, thus sending it in the direction chosen and with sufficient stored power to send the ball to the desired distance.

is called a stroke. The strokes measure the goodness of the end result. That is to say, you win or lose. Therefore, make sure to take into account the mental side of the game. Now, if you do or don't, you do! The mental side of the golf game is always present and if you control it, you lower your score; if you do not, which most people don't, it raises your score.

You may play a game of golf alone or in a group with 1 to three other players. This fact alone might allow unwanted or negative thoughts to enter into your mind. One more time you can see that it's important to control what you think about or focus on. As vision1golf says you get what you focus on. Simple and yet so powerful. If anyone in the group is having a bad round of golf, and you start to focus on his/hers poor play, guess what? It can affect your score as well.
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