vision dark green dark green light to make repressed

October 29 [Tue], 2013, 16:51
Seemingly only one morning, in front of the hand was that wide shade, green verdant intended as a summer skirts. Trees, green belt area of ​​lawn, a night withered face shop new green, summer active pace Dangqi solitude of dust, drew an early morning one of the sprinkler, vacuuming cars through the city. seeing cloud top pressure, winds through the city and play, the gray sky as if fell across the roof. Wind tore willow, shake the season's flowers, Luohuayouyi, Fangfei a summer romance. The stretch of dark green, hot breath coerced, stirring the summer impetuous, the wind in the forest, jumping, circling around their houses or roof, like take summer green skirts torn, off green waves, wake up little dust, inadvertently summer was rendered insolent little too far. Instant lightning, as if the gray sky exploded hole, falling raindrops crackling vision, a small town in the rain gradually closing in pressing manic, flower colorful, clear emerald green. storm, through the heart of bright, town drunk human. Hong Chang in green, light moncler down coats men yellow and purple, colorful pedestrian version, with that little red rouge just like the branches of crabapple, hawthorn, such as cherry-like red apples each other, reveals the small town charm. Knew seasons, like blink of an eye, autumn has been unable to resist. Spring recovery, the small town in the middle of all things Tulv, stare brilliance, colorful. Raging Italian summer, a small town on the ocean waves, the ink brush, pull tendons Shu bone, flourish. If the season's cycle of life, wah-wah floor, tottering whisper, thrive, beautiful youth, middle age after wake up, grow up confused and perplexed thirties fall feng shui Ling, Wang Chuan time and space, the memories of folding, the lonely autumn shadow projected on the cool moonlight, mottled low wall, Falling leaves. autumn rain, vision dark green dark green light to make repressed, clean cut, blooming dim autumn,

a few wiping green, yellow pan; star point green, yellow infested town. the pace of the city becoming frustrated transpiration, fluttering yellow leaves, autumn whisper, like sidewalks, or if nostalgia, like the Attachment to pull, the pain of separation. wind away lingering and manic, mixed with sharp through the heart of desolation, curled up town night, sleepless heart like heavy rain and fog gray hiding under, but unfortunately the town Shear autumn, autumn rustling, like someone in grief Tears, prompting flowers melancholy, pity alone autumn leaves absolutely intentional. whole town is far from empty, the autumn sun, yellow leaves, crabapple, hawthorn, rendering autumn, yellow Ye Cancan. Red crabapple, hawthorn, like autumn eyes, orange carved, inlaid in a charming small town in the autumn. footsteps fall more and more concentrated, that everywhere, golden yellow leaves, autumn coerced by gently parting shallow singing whisper. If just one night, the mundane world of falling leaves, covered with woods road, what about Raising broom cleaners gather them, and then by the City collection trucks will transport them to where they are needed. town in the winter cold, experiencing a sky snow, twigs defeat those vines, old tree stumps, often stand up to heavy snow, Kacha soon, as life moncler down vests men painting an incomplete conclusion. whole city is dense in snow, except in the eyes of a warm dash lights. ice is a small town close, Merino style, wall, stone arch bridge, lifelike animals, Ice, etc., form the ice world, attracting a small town myself, foreign tourists to view. most is that the ash tree covered with snow, poplar, elm park crown, in the cold of the carving, the valiant, vigorous upward, always look attractive upward, then up. holy faded autumn winter snows bleak, barren, scars, the town became white and bright, crystal clear and visible, like a graceful beauty snow in the warm winter sun in the leisurely pace.
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