Telling Tales Out of School

August 23 [Tue], 2011, 17:51

Madder, who has degrees from both U of M and U of W, was named this summer as president of Confederation College in Thunder Bay, a large school with nine additional campuses stretching from Kenora in the west, to Wawa in the east, to the shores of James Bay.

He’s a grad of Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Madder told me as we were talking about his hopes for partnerships with Red River College.

I mention the Daniel Mac connection because, if you’ve followed my stories and rants about Winnipeg School Division’s ignoring its outstanding grads such as Marshall McLuhan, it’s unlikely that WSD will hold Madder up as an inspiration and role model to students at Daniel Mac.


Meanwhile, I’ve been reading my colleague Jen Skerritt’s series on the mayhem on Winnipeg’s streets, and I took particular notice of the piece on collisions involving bicycles, given that both my kids are cyclists.

We were coming home from the Goldeyes’ game the other Friday night, well after dark, and the streets were full of cyclists. What I’m wondering is, did someone pass a rule that if you ride a bicycle after dark on Winnipeg streets, you must wear head-to-toe black Johnny Cash-style clothing, that you must not wear a helmet, and that you must not use either a light or a rear reflector?


Continuing on about traffic, and spinning it about education because it involves driving child the younger, a university student (obvious education connection) to and from her summer job, I’ve noticed several things of which I was previously unaware.

Apparently you can park in a diamond lane on McPhillips at rush hour if you turn on your four-way flashers before leaving your car. Apparently it’s OK to ignore a no-right-turns-on-red sign on Sargent Avenue if you’re a car dealership’s shuttle van. And apparently you’re allowed to pull over into the diamond lane on McPhillips 500 metres before the prohibition on cars ends.

OK, other education stuff....

The Sierra Club’s magazine named its coolest schools, the schools and universities that have done the most to save the planet and promote sustainability.

Alas, only American schools are in the running, though Sierra’s HQ in San Francisco advises that it is considering including our tree huggers in its honours list next year.

No, don’t even dream of printing this out......

The American Sociological Association offered me a copy of a major report under embargo, which means we’d be free to publish it a few days later, but I could have the story written and ready to go.

The report would reveal whether bullying victims suffer academically in school.