but these ice fell off the sound

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 12:41
In order to Luo Yi's strength now, said to be rampant 'Yunxi island' is not an exaggeration. As long as the active attacking social monster not arrogant, Luo Yi almost no life danger. 'thunder step' speed, enough to make Luo Yi in the crisis, easy to retreat... Luo Yi Uber general aptitude, at this moment fully unfolded. His calm assertive temperament and good at summing up, at this time, play the most incisive! In this case, Luo Yi Gong, martial arts, combat consciousness, are in a fast speed, crazy upgrade... If Luo Ba know, his command instead of the Luo Yi Real beheaded, but let this not be enemies with his Camp Hoody Sale life and death guy, really for him to kill the intention to kill, but under his pressure and crazy growing up... Do not know, will reveal how the expression......... Blink of an eye, and a month from the fingers, quietly flowing... 'Yunxi' deep, a natural cave * *, crystal blue light transfer therebetween, soak the occasion, cold air, a trace of white cold crystal, from the air to emerge, and fall... Raised the likelihood, the cold gas as a power to stir is general, crazy movement. Then, in a whirlpool general tyrannical forces, crazy absorb torn up. In the center of the maelstrom of general strength, Womens North Face WaterProof Outlet a blue shadow, sit cross legged. The crazy surge of cold air, is crazy from his nose and mouth, drill into... The blue figure on the circulation of the crystal blue color with the cold air into the body and more and more bright, arrive finally, reached that level! And this person, is Luo yi! A series of pure to the extreme 'tide will' qi circulation in Luo Yi side, into his body. The pubic region inside the atmosphere, with the passage of time, but also more pure and up!... I don't know how long... Raised the likelihood, Luo Yi body suddenly one Zhan, immediately, a cold air suddenly from his body was crazy but! The surrounding air, a little bit of white cold crystal suddenly sober, crackling ring, but these ice fell off the sound! Immediately... Luo Yi eyes suddenly open! A pure crystal blue color, flitting from Luo Yi eyes, she burst out, the seminal awn! And then, a happy, well Luo Yi eyes! The tide will, Ninth layer!... Achieve. The tide is ninth layer! Luo Yi lips smile more expanded, to the end, began to laugh. Luo Yideng Island, is the eighth stage, now on the island of less than half a year, broke through the eighth layer, North Face Denali Hoodie Clearance Sale Ninth layer at! Luo Yi, start to practice with the time of half an year from scratch, from the tide won the first layer, singing all the way, break through to the seventh layer peak satisfactorily. Then, with a half year time, break through to the ninth layer! Together with time but more than a year! More than a year of time, from scratch, the first layer to the ninth layer!... This practice speed, if it is said to go out, but enough to let all people horrified face no color! Notice, acquired skills practice, by not insight, understanding, cumulative but real! Only when accumulated to a degree, have been able to break through the existing level, the arrival of the next layer...!
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