this is not a moncler jacken outlet head

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 14:18

Fu Hongxue's heart nearly falling ice Valley, in the head at Baotou, also could not say a word. 7 seven twenty Fu Hongxue immediately call home, my parents for a long time without a sound, not anxious to pay that, they really didn't have much money, so to clear a mouth, do not know how will have so many expenses, was originally thought to a pediatric, plus a friend this half pay cost to forty thousand or fifty thousand, it is simply impossible, and, although she always protect her parents her brother, but carrying such a debt is really unfair to the head, it is a both day and night out of money ah.

The compartment there mother slowly opening mouth: "red snow ah, Harris is confused, but this is the first time. Is it right?? didn't do well? To err is human, you don't blame him, the next time he will remember. Money, you can't tell the discuss to pay less? So, anyway, you have the Spring Festival will come back, then parents will also part of it to you. You know my parents are really no money, to take careFu Hongxue: not be Agape and tongue-tied, father received a telephone call, say: "make him die!" red snow quickly opening: "Dad, moncler outlet is not get so much money, really, always pay for the house, Harris has asked moncler for money.

....."The mother heard, not to say:" do you love to give him money, this is not a moncler jacken outlet head. "My father think:" you call ask plum look. "Fu Hongxue side up, there can not think of the little brother, away fertilizer, staggered by only one year older than him himself, asked: elder sister, that sister, little sister. Always with her brother play, know your brother, fell down her pad, eat snacks is she go to others home please, cried she coaxed, holding his hand the whole countryside play, brother like his brother to accompany, saw the parents told her to go to work, will push the parents pulled her away, of course, brother of unreasonable, how is she scolded, but that in the country more than normal.
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