from if you will so complacent

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 17:35
; Xiao cold again. Florida has just completed offense, did not wait for their breath, Xiao Han has been chasing their buttocks catch up, his hands, still control the ball. The first half of the time is not more than thirty-four, twenty-eight, is still backward in Russia, although the North Face Outlet Sale Xiao cold after the game did not like to face Duke, magic to help the team will score gap, but at least, he prevented the further deterioration Men's Timberland Radler Trail Camp of the situation, Sade · Matt simply will he stay in the field on the. This is a recognition of the Xiao cold manifestation, is also a kind of protection on Auden. To know the fate of Auden time is early, but he only back a foul, since Xiao Hanneng stability on the field the situation, then Sade · Matt is also keen to maintain this squad and posture, so that the second half, he can have more opportunities to splurge. Nuo A loves to jump. This is a common physical quality good defensive players, is so far the only Xiao cold found a weakness in Nuo A's. Xiao Han soon put it to use up. Nuo A this time simply oneself up defensive Xiao cold, because he is very clear, Breuer stood in front of the only outcome Xiaohan is if he played a run round in circles, this is all because of Breuer's weight is light, the density is too small, but Nuo A himself, is not the weak point. The Xiao cold continuous crotch to the change, the first is to break, Nuo A plugging back, turn to the left, the result is still the same. Nuo A this guy's body is too flexible, long legs, a pad step, can block the Xiao cold way. Xiao Han is not off Nuo A, but this and his plans do not match, so he can't move forward, but a recovery, step back, make the shooting action. Nuo A had a deficit again, already from the Xiao cold this hand, immediately flying robot, hands raised in the air, weave a defensive wall. But Xiao Han did not sell, but stand in situ, but ha ha of a face from if you will so complacent into how this might panic. Xiao Han toe tap, the body does not Timberland Men's Radler Trail Camp leave the ground, just before a shooting posture, wait until Nuo A soon fell upon him, that upwards of a breakthrough, in the hands of the ball out. The ball hit the Nuo A's forehead, back to the Xiao cold hands, then, Xiao Han's second times to complete the shooting, throwing the ball into the basket. The whistle, the ball went into the basket. The referee also Leng Leng, he also did not think of how this happens, but after all he has been engaged in this work for many years, immediately made a gesture, the goal is invalid, Xiao Han two free throws. The Xiao cold catch up and the theory of the two, it is base carat back. Cook did not know of course, Xiao cold just do like it, he was shot second times, only afraid of their own first intention is very obvious, the referee did not give a shooting foul. That is to say, he is in the spoiler. Nuo A also some feel helpless, he knew, his since being jumped, then a foul will not run, he just didn't think it would appear later that funny scene, but never thought Xiao cold with a cast, who can throw the ball into the. Conley played, in fact, Sade · with the Xiao cold for reading Matt
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