Famed game Buy FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins developer

December 21 [Sat], 2013, 13:04
Famed game Buy FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins developer Yu Suzuki took to the stage in Sega's booth today to demo Virtua Fighter 4, the latest fighter to come from his acclaimed development team, Sega AM2. Developed on Sega's Naomi 2 arcade hardware, the game will be the first Sega arcade fighter to be brought to the PlayStation 2. As announced earlier this year, it appears VF4 will be exclusive to Sony's console.

Following a short movie that gave a brief overview of the series and a look at the PS2 version's modes, Suzuki gave the audience a taste of how the PS2 version of the game will improve on its arcade counterpart by showing off its front-end menus. VF4 for the PS2 will feature arcade, versus, survival, training, AI system, character edit, and replay modes. The arcade, versus, survival, and training are all fairly self-explanatory. The AI system mode allows players to develop their own character by teaching it moves. Once they've developed it enough, they can sit back and watch it duel other fighters.

While the home version of the game will not feature support for the VF Net cards players buy to track their stats in the arcades in Japan, it looks as though it will be possible get some of the extra items players can use to decorate their character with in the character edit mode, which will allow players to customize their characters' look with sunglasses, earrings, and other trinkets. Of the modes shown, the training mode was especially impressive due to the number of training options--in addition to practicing the standard moves, players will be able to brush up on their timing and combos with in-depth multipart tutorials that can even be slowed down to allow them to perfect their timing for combos, reversals, and ring movement.