a group of mysterious people there

October 27 [Thu], 2016, 21:54
Suddenly, a group of mysterious people there, began to loot sacrifice, Zhang Qishan, Zhang Fuguan busy to view, only to find the unexpected in which the shadow. Unpredictable
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Low Cut Croc Zip Sneakers White with Zhang Qishan about the ins and outs of things, the original village a lot of people have been infected, unpredictable for them to cure without results also infected, the villagers superstitious parasite infection is black Joe immortal due to, so they all support . Zhang Qishan suspected of ghosts, decided to immediately take Mo back to Changsha. Three people down the mountain was intercepted by the villagers, Zhang Qishan, Zhang adjutant with unpredictable escape. Chenpi sent Meng girl
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Studded Ankle Boots In Black will be transferred away, Chenpi heart miss Meng girl, but for her good, cruel to let her leave. Zhang Qishan with
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes Western-Style Wedge Ankle Bottes Noir Mo measured looking for iron mouth to help, Qi Tiezui promised. Qi Tiezui stole the old dog Wu old dog, with the old dog's dog dog cured Mo doctor, in turn the dog sent back, was Wu old dog found two duo mouth. February red worry unpredictable, decided to leave to take care of her. Zhang Qishan investigation that the village's first infected person is just returned from the Dongting Lake, Heqiao not far from the Dongting Lake. Qi Tiezui guess the third piece of meteorite copper
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes Lorenz Metallic leather and suede wedge Sneakers in black Joe, the matter is most likely a conspiracy of the Japanese. Zhang Qishan, Zhang decided to go to Dongting Lake to find out. Zhang Qishan with a lieutenant disguised all the way to inquire about the news that the
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes London Metallic leather and suede wedge sneakers Japanese agents from the Dongting Lake recently picked up a wreck, in turn shipwrecked, rumors ship baby. Unpredictable condition gradually stabilized, February red worry Zhang Qishan, Zhang aide of the case, immediately went to Dongting Lake. Zhang Qishan, Zhang Fuguan came to the fishermen to store fish and shrimp ice library inquire about the news, encounter a little girl, through her guidance, to find an inn. Zhang Qishan, Zhang Aux official secretly followed, tangerine peel lamp came to a hole, here from the ice library is very close, the original ice library behind a large ice-cold, Japan, Japan, Japan and other places, The wreck will be frozen here. Zhang Qishan, Zhang Auxin sneak into the ice cave, found tangerine peel, black Joe people are planning to use the treasure refining the virus. Zhang Qishan, Zhang Fuguan act separately, Zhang aide away from dried tangerine peel, Zhang Qishan to kill the black Joe left behind, but mistakenly touch the organ, fall trap. Chenpi awareness in mind, quickly back, with treasures to leave. Because the ice hole hidden, dried tangerine peel was not found frozen Zhang Qishan. Zhang rescued Zhang Qishan, February red also came. February red, Zhang Qishan, Zhang auspicious to check the secret of the black Joe, adventure through the swamp, looking for Heico people, found that black Joe is

Giuseppe Zanotti Men Blotchy Print London Sneakers In Blue doing secret experiments, the key. Zhang Qishan life Zhang Xiangfu Changsha reinforcements. Zhang Qishan, February red one o'clock, black Qiao people with fans smoke halo.