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December 23 [Mon], 2013, 15:45
We're talking about aloft we are Buy Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins at launch, and we'll abide to beforehand and bear interesting, cool, new scenarios. We'll see aloft we go.

Giant Bomb: Some of the amateur you mentioned--Titanfall is one, Foza is another--are amateur that are beforehand in the billow basement to enhance the gameplay experience. Obviously, third-parties admission a little added advantage in acceding of how they handle those policies, but Forza is a first-party game. What happens for the customer that chooses to just be offline, and purchases a archetype of Forza? Does that appulse their singleplayer experience, or abandoned alpha to cut them off from things that crave the cloud, such as drivatar?

Whitten: It's in actuality up to the adventurous creators. Either in first-party or third-party, we don't admission any specific behavior about that. We appetite to accord them acceptance to a ton of capabilities in the cloud, we advanced a lot of bodies will allegedly be amphitheatre affiliated to the abide ceremony and to our billow servers. We advanced it can in actuality change the associate in a accomplished agglomeration of ways, and, frankly, we accomplishment we see adventurous creators arise up with amazing things that could abandoned arise if you're affiliated to the billow because they're appliance that power. If that's abandoned player, multiplayer, whatever--that's their choice.