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July 31 [Wed], 2013, 14:31
So why then is it not so prominent in Africa. Could it be that art and design is a discipline that isn't really encouraged? or do we still have that generation of parents who want their kids to be lawyers and doctors? I suppose that's an issue needing to be addressed as they are a number of African artisans in general that haven't had the opportunity to showcase their work or worse still, nurture their talents. Now there are definitely platforms that are coming up with in Africa that are enabling designers to communicate and express their ideas to a wider audience but the question is, is anyone listening? I have been doing some research on African designers that have been able to break into the global market and well the names I could come across were FolakeFolarin Coker a Nigerian designer whose line tiffany amber focuses on a fusion of African inspired looks and modern high fashion( I recently wrote an article about her on being the first African designer to host a show on the highly acclaimed new york fashion week) .

These days, you have innumerable options to choose from when you go shopping for Onesies. There are lots of animal and bird designs to select from, starting from kangaroo, to eagle, to panda to seal. Opt for something that looks fun and matches your personality, or something that just goes with the mood of the crowd.

The vocabulary that is presented has been carefully selected, beginning with high frequency words. It is acquired through a highly effective kinesthetic method called The Gesture Approach. The GA encourages students to respond and experience vocabulary and structures while kinesthetically, visually, physically and auditorially meeting the needs of all language learners and their learning styles.