The soap is a great resourceful projec

August 04 [Fri], 2017, 16:04
One of the biggest problems in commercial soaps is that they are not soap at all, they are only detergent! They are oil-based product, and make the skin dry over time, leaving itchy and miserable. Household soaps, by contrast, are made with soft natural oils, like coconut, olive and palm trees, which both clean and moisturize your skin.

Another major problem with commercial soaps is that they have been tested on animals, and if such tests were conducted ethically or not. However, if you are making your own soap, you know exactly what have you used for making the soap and it has not been tested on animals. You could often make soap with environmental friendly natural components.

One of the most interesting part of your own soap is you get to choose exactly what to put in it. You can put in any flavor you want (in the end, making vanilla or cinnamon scented soap is easy, but what was the last time you saw a soap with that scent in the market?) And you can choose to specifically leave out the bits and pieces you find harsh on your skin.

The soap is also a great resourceful project, letting you use your imagination as you combine the items, scents and colors. Homemade or handmade soaps make great gifts, and give you the opportunity to learn how to do what is essential to our lives, but many people take this for granted.