Guizhou rage against the dunk shoes in the FA Cup

May 05 [Thu], 2011, 23:45
There is no suspense in the game, Guangzhou Heng brigade thrilling 3-2 home reverse Guizhou Zhicheng team. However, the game's first two goals were Hengda there are some disputes, which caused strong resentment in Guizhou team regard, a few minutes later, Guizhou coach Haifang to question the referee because the referee was invited out of the stadium. Haifang sent off on the details of a person within the team after the game in Guizhou, said: "The competition is obviously the first ball offside suspect, then our coaches and patrol and saying: you need to have the most basic morality The results of this Tour Edge at us even turn around to coach Ma Qi Niang came. then we coach anxious, up asking you Why the hell he swear ah. get such a result, the fourth official to come Dunk High Shoes in this game is very arrogant attitude, "he dashed over indiscriminate should not hit us like, red us yell, said: I have the final say in this venue, you put you put out and then talk. so the match referee in the league was rare.

In first half stoppage time after the end of 1 minute, Guizhou and links the source away from home team is leading 1 to 0 of Guangzhou Heng Group. After the break the two sides Easy side battles. The beginning of the second half, Guizhou Zhicheng pass source team replaced the 6-Fan Yunlong Liu Chao, 11, head coach Wang Fang intended to enhance the control of the midfield. This substitution immediately receive the results, Wang Lichun, which passed in the restricted area, but unfortunately too deep placement of direct flight Chudi Xian. Guangzhou Heng brigade opened out the ball, intercepted the Dunk High Women shoes ball in Guizhou Zhicheng team fought back, Wang Lichun a record low, flat wing Qiuhou outgoing ball, shot network 37, foreign aid Santos Unfortunately, overrun in advanced the ball as invalid. constant brigade again missed the opportunity to tie the game, Muli Qi received a pass from his teammates after the formation of single-pole, but unfortunately his shot was again the Soviet Union goalkeeper Bo Yang Guizhou saved the bottom line.

Then, constant brigade to the restricted area open corner, header Gao Lin, Su Bo Yang won the ball with both hands. All of a sudden, Guizhou team in front of and danger, thanks to goalkeeper Bo Yang Su brave play to preserve the clean sheet. Since then, both sides to reduce the front in the midfield battle, a relatively faster pace offense and defense. 60 minutes, Muli Qi catch the moment there are offside in the suspects. After the equalizer, Guangzhou Heng Battalion grew in courage, just 2 minutes later, Wu Pingfeng outside the area from the right side of the ball, the ball hit the defender of Guizhou Wang Tao hand, Wang Tao, the referee found handball foul in the penalty area , then a penalty kick, goalkeeper Su Bo Yang came dunk shoes up quarrels, the referee produced a yellow card birch. Muli Qi kick easily network, Guangzhou Hengda team go-ahead score as 2 to 1! Subsequently, Guizhou coach Wang Fang penalty on the individual dissatisfied with the referee and with the fourth official language conflict occurs, the referee suspended the game and ran to the sidelines Birch Hai side to show the red card.
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