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July 07 [Sat], 2012, 0:11
It was valentine's day observance, fake oakleys during the Paris loreal promotion "complex yan double tiras eye ministry put breast" and large fuck with "ha ha Lin fashion of planning of valentine's day coincide with a program, and YuChengQing a song of" big eyes "songs, such that program broadcast several more than 4 million. Homemade columns and Paris loreal advertising perfect combination, the final achievement mutual profit. For homemade program, no matter be cheering or bristle, they are beneficial to prove the existence of a success-attract enough attention is the first priority.
Video site as a homemade program of marketing success winner, on the one hand, won more audience, on the one hand, let advertisers competing to investment, brand of hard implant and soft implanted overlapping complementary, through the platform to realize the effect of advertising, it is kill two birds with one stone really.Small make up views. At present, China's video website ways of marketing has many fake oakleys free shipping, such as video content, high similarity gathers marketing models and marketing gimmick makes to innovation. Small make up think, video web site as a commercial product need more marketing means, and the marketing method should be comprehensive.
Video website marketing is the highest realm of ideas for processing to refine, and users to play a game of "unstable, the accurate, malicious" psychological warfare-the precise location of audiences, return to the needs of users to, a bridge between the user and the web site, let advertising become part of the content. Video site also should be based on changes in the environment surrounding them, and constantly adjust the marketing strategy, in order to ensure that the interests. At the same time, fake oakley flak jacket make homemade program marketing, micro film marketing, big events marketing, virus marketing and so on many kinds of marketing way to send force, comprehensively launched video offensive. If good video content is "bait," then, advertisement brand needs as "hook" clever wrapped in them. Only thus can the who may take the bait, let video website the "a" in getting a big meal.