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March 22 [Thu], 2012, 18:21
Pollack has charted the dunks of Julius required jerseys Erving and the backboard smashing of Darryl Dawkins, coined the term triple-double in Magic Johnson's rookie year, dueled with the legendary Red Auerbach and compiled "Harvey Pollack's NBA Statistical Yearbook," which has grown to 332 pages and includes enough arcane facts to fill up every inch of a basketball court. How many reverse dunks did Kobe Bryant throw down last season? Which player won the most jump balls in 2010-11? Who won the most taps to start an overtime period? "As long as I can document it," said Pollack, who'll turn 90 on March 9, one week after the 50th anniversary celebration of the 100 point game, "nothing is out of the question or too far-fetched."

Since the game was not televised and there is no surviving video of the night, it is the enduring image of March 2, 1962: A seated and smiling Chamberlain holding up the page with the hand-scrawled figure. "From that night on, it was always Wilt's number," Pollack said with his trademark cackle. "But I can still tell people now that it was my number, too. I mean, it really was my number. I customized soccer jersey." Through the years, the decades, closing in on three-quarters of a century, it is likely that nobody has written more numbers about more sports than Pollack, most especially the NBA. He was there for the founding of the Basketball Association of America in 1946, keeping the numbers for the Philadelphia Warriors, and is the only person continuously employed in the league through all of its 66 years, officially the director of statistical information for the Philadelphia 76ers since 1987.

He had already filed stories for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Associated Press and United Press International and double-checked the box score statistics for the most bodacious performance in NBA history when Harvey Pollack walked into the noisy locker room at Hershey Arena and found A.P. photographer Paul Vathis at a loss about how to commemorate Wilt Chamberlain hitting the century markcustomized Chicago Bears jerseys. Vathis was standing amid the jubilant throng of Philadelphia Warriors and wasn't quite sure how to capture the significance of what had just taken place inside the old barn. Pollack wasted no time. He asked Evening Bulletin reporter Jim Heffernan for a blank sheet from his notebook and quickly scribbled out all that history needed to know.