Flawless Makeup- The Biggest Surprise of Valentine's Day 

September 26 [Sun], 2010, 10:36

The atmosphere of the Valentine`s day has overflowed silently, and what surprise do you want to give your lover in the sweet day? We recommend that you should cultivate a perfect makeup integrating the fashionable elements, in order to offer him a great gift by beautiful makeup.10 Reasons for You to Pick precription eyeglasses

Pink sweet surprise, the rapid warming romantic love Valentine's Day has become a symbol of a woman in love Pink Dress a prime choice. But how can leave him a different impression? In fact, the delicate, lovely, gentle pink can also create eye-catching, enthusiastic makeup. Strong pink eye shadow can help make your eyes into peachblow. Along with the pace of fashion, the popular exaggerated pink super-long fake eyelashes can make your eyes more charming and bigger. When you appear in front of him, he must be surprised, and his eyes will not leave from you, with the specific procedure being shown as follows:Go oakley glasses which Miley Cyrus Choose most

STEP1 use the first pale pink eye shadow along the upper eyelid from the outer corner of the eye slowly opened inward corner of the eye evenly coated, and a large area to cover the whole eye socket. STEP2 reoccupy deep pink eye color, mainly on eyelash root and outside canthus place gradually dizzy catch, then close eyelash root sticking eyelash. STEP3 with Blush brush dipped into the translucent pink blush from the cheekbone up along both sides of the cheeks, temples at a large scale sweep, leaving the smooth color. STEP4 In order to highlight the beauty of your lovely plump lips, you can choose shiny pink lip with a gloss jelly texture and then with a lip brush dipped it to outline your lips uniformly.

The romantic and ice blue trap hurls him willingly into the net. In the fashion agitation of every season, the blue never is absent. The golden eye shadow ornaments shine slightly to exert the soft and the elegance of the female to the perfection, meanwhile combines with the cool of the ice blue to show enough future feeling. Low-key cheek and silhouette blossomming infinite glamour of women and delicate pink lips, water still can not cover the charming is spruce beguiling1 contempt. On the sweet Valentine's Day, candle supper is indispensable. On the flickering candlelighting, the calm, profound, mysterious, and soft water blue eyes will fully show your charming. Facing such perfect temptation, the beloved him will not refuse! Please do as follows.

STEP1 Choosing the wathet blue ere shadow powder bottoming to daub the whole eyeholes and that makes the next deep blue eye shadow up color easily, and the eye make-up is more normal. STEP2 then blue eye will shadow from eyelid dizzy in the eye socket, and to the brow middle wipe on shining golden shadow carry bright, finally affix eyelash. STEP3 Brush the brown or tan blush on the protruding parts of both cheekbones. And silhouette the both sides of face in order to emphasize the overal three-dimensional sense. Step 4: Light peach pink can be used to match with the whole make up on lips. Use jelly lip color instead of lip bar to light the lips up evenly.