face flashed a smile .People now alive

December 10 [Mon], 2012, 14:44
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultNo trace of Prince walked several steps ,his body is more direct .
Love reading power is brilliant ,but you can make no such moves .Hey hey hey ... ... Originally, this is certainly good enough to hit the king very exit peak warrior ,but Shangguan Pocheng was amazed to find no trace of man body injury seemed to be better .
And it improves speed is also fast UGGs Starlit,and no trace of man to walk in front of him when, no trace as if no hurt like son . Zhenwu door Shangguan Pocheng ,Moto Masako remember you, your strength is stronger than the three lot .
But you not the son of the opponent ,can only blame you division sends you to suppress the son .Ha ha ha ha ... ... No trace of man standing in front of Pocheng Shangguan ,crazy laugh .
The Zhenwu door disciple is unable to stand the people, some were killed ,some seriously ,no one is able to threaten the without a trace .Shangguan Pocheng sneered , this makes we consider not, even if you killed also nothing .
But things do not forget ,if I or days Wu ,Chen Fang and the myth of three people ,and we are not each power talent .Even if I die, I who I would will avenge me . In the face of death ,maybe others will be afraid ,but is not afraid Pocheng shangguan .
He looked around at the scene, his eyes flashed with hate .He hates his son cannot be solved without mark ,he only hate myself not to protect these Shidi men . It is now UGGs Boots Short Dylyn,Moto Masako will have the solution .
That ye come those brothers ,Moto Masako against is .You are just a time to feed me, like Fenghuang . No trace of Prince sigh ,as if in some memories . Originally, the son is very weak ,be those enemies fattening .
A time to kill ,Moto Masako repeatedly escape .Slowly ,Moto Masako gradually become strong, with those of human bodies, go now for this step .Fenghuang also is such, always sent only a little stronger than my opponent ,finally just made me .
And you the door big pie is the same, so the son can more and more strong . Shangguan Pocheng eyes flashed, traceless son say it is true .No wonder no trace son can grow up to now this kind of degree ,it is because it was a kill .
In order to survive ,no trace of man must be a progress . Weird ,the son and the dead you say these do .You more than the three did much better, three of them don blame the hands .
But you come here and kill the son ,should be prepared for death .? No trace of Prince again a step forward, look alive by several people, face flashed a smile .People now alive ,will only have five Shangguan Pocheng Zhenwu door disciple ,others have all died .
Nothing ,because I came .The last time I let you go ,this natural to catch you .Here I am ,also on behalf of you can away . Hear this voice ,no trace of his son .Whose is this voice no trace son clearly ,the last is defeated in the gentleman does not see the body .
Don no trace of you the strength of natural deep ,his most want to see is you don .He has destroyed four team, now also is on the door . .Has not broken the end start, simply because he was a little afraid you don the .
Don the last only a pocket knife ,will be no trace of son to the wounded .Don behind their backs based ,he step by step into the field .His eyes still is so bossy ,and without a trace .
A look, then look to the field . It seems that I came too late ,should have died so many people .But now there are six people alive, I also is not to come in vain .No trace of him, I will beat you or you go with me ? Do not go to the front to Pocheng Shangguan ,Shangguan Pocheng nodded ,is played .
He then looked to traceless childe ,a pair of eyes is reflecting the traceless son figure . is the last time ,this is this ,times have changed .The last time because I hurt it, or you think you can really win me ? No trace of Childe forcible-feeble said .
Is ? Don a step forward, no trace son distance closer ,his face with a little cold , beat it, it you want to bring me down ? No trace of Childe unconsciously took a step back ,waiting for him to be aware of ,is another step forward .
This beat you it is very simple ,you don the body has been difficult to work ?Don feel every sleepy ? Don the frowning ,see this point no trace of Childe is laughing . Ha ha ha ha .
.. ... The San Yuan miasma ,Moto Masako you have to fight with me ?Without a powerful vitality ,can rely on and the son of battle ? You are wrong ,I just wonder this discrete element miasma .
The fact that the so-called San Yuan miasma can not me ,you are really capable to fight me . Don .No trace of son blinked , impossible ,San Yuan - how is it possible for you ?You imperial extremely exit warrior ,Moto Masako does not believe your words .
You must really make an empty show of strength ,have the ability to directly and the son . Roar ! Tiger roar out a cry of pain ,it is alarmed to find Shangguan plume fist was even greater than its head and hard .
Its owner has no trace childe and Shangguan Yuchang rock almost, can look like this is ?In the tiger eye, Shangguan plumage and a traceless son long indeed almost .And we see a tiger ,we see the tiger is long .
Similarly ,the human are also long . You this tiger bones is very hard ,but you don fight me .Your master is killed ,you help him see is of no use . The head of a tiger and shook his head ,at its heart ,no trace is the most powerful person in the son .
It can no trace son will die ,Shangguan plume . It is understood .See the tiger again rushed in ,Shangguan plume just shook his head , must have a death wish ,then I have no choice .
See you this strength ,just entering the Hou pole condition only, you are not my opponent . The fire lotus Baoyan boxing ! Shangguan plume fist suddenly appeared on a fire lotus ,his fists are all covered .
The blow like endless pomp ,but no Shangguan Pocheng that nothing is not broken fist .In the fist attainments ,Shangguan plume now is not broken city .But this blow against the tiger is enough, a tiger coming ,Shangguan plume is a dodge to hide away .
The tiger next to him over time, Shangguan feather landed a blow on the head of a tiger on the neck .Before the tiger react, Shangguan plume is a flying leg kick in the tiger four legs .
Tiger directly onto the ground ,Shangguan plume jumped past .At fist ,Shangguan plume at the tiger is a fierce .Fist it rained hit the tiger the tiger can keep their roar .When Shangguan plume feel a little tired, he stood up directly .
The tiger hit by him have been suffering growl ,but Shangguan plume is indifferent .See Shangguan plume finally stopped when he was attacked ,the tiger to Shangguan feather roll your eyes .
It has no power of Shangguan feather attack again ,angry roar out a sound ,then directly over .t want to kill you, you must have a death wish .Don know that Wu Song was always really tired ,I am tired .
But Wu Song hit the tiger certainly did so badly UGG Kids Boots, or tiger Wu Song . Shangguan plume stood a few time to breathe ,he went straight to no trace hut .The tiger should be no trace of Childe placed here only the guardian ,surely now nothing dangerous .
However, in view of safety, Shangguan plume or walk with great care .Err on the side of caution ,if for a moment inadvertent loss of life is not good .It is now estimated traceless son have and do not fight ,no trace of man can escape or not ,Shangguan plume nature does not hurry .
The valley is very strange ,presumably some secrets .Should be the previous opened up ,then no trace found here .While the former has disappeared without a trace ,so the son was held here .
So right ,there must be the predecessors to occupy .While the former is more leave something ,and then was no trace son inherited .This may explain why no trace son stay here ,there is definitely a heritage traceless son take away .
Thinking about thinking, Shangguan plume is lifted up . Some time ago to Qin Shou Hou Yi accepted the inheritance I still envy ,did not think that I can contact transmission .Do not know this is who see no trace of you do ,really can not think of is the road of an expert .
No trace of man body recovery ability, skill is a beast .Shangguan plume frowned ,kept in some legends .Or he simply thought the fairy tale fairy ,after all, Hou Yi and Shun are out, and even Sun Wukong are out .
It is said to him in years with Primus so a top strong, he is not surprising .Shangguan plume quickly walked to the hut ,but his heart is full of looking forward to .The cottage door is also in the general door it ,pushing the opened .
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