2005”N04ŒŽ05“ú(‰Î) 4Žž29•ª
fly home as i am very hungry. yeah! my mother "reserves" a chicken leg and organ for me intentionally. very delicious. my mother is always an excellent cook . eat my favourite durian afterwards. long time no eat! super wanna eat it! ehhhh.. eat a lot. don't know how many calories i have taken in. but it's no big deal. i don't care! happiness is the most important at that moment. well. that's not the end. i am not gonna stop! let's carry on! ice-cream! wowowow. the chocolate skin is very crispy. i'm lovin it! life is soooooo beautiful. life is sooooo sweet.

watch tv with family, which is an activity that i haven't done for a long time lu. every day, i just concentrate on playing with the computer, having tuition, hanging out with friends and him. seldom do i spend time with them. i definitely wanna be with them more often. time flies. i have to treasure everyone around me, until it is too late. family means a lot to me. i love my mother, i love my.. i love all of them! i can't live without them. so from now on, i have to squeeze more time to be with them .

at around 11, he comes and then we walk around in kwai fong. it becomes a routine for us to walk around at night every week. i love it . very free and relazing. you eh! don't push yourself too hard. always remember what i say tonight. seeing you happy is a very good way to make me happy . i do mean it! so don't always think about how to make me happy, but at the same time, think about how to make you, yourself happy. i am always happy being with you. that feeling of happiness is not superficial but genuine and long lasting. don't give yourself too much stress. don't always think that you haven't done enuogh for me. no! you are already very good to me. you have done very much for me. i can feel that. i can see that. i appreciate everything you've done for me. but i still have one request, i wanna see you happy... could you do that for me?

- I love you - 

2005”N03ŒŽ05“ú(“y) 23Žž29•ª
please don't leave me...
please don't say break up with me...
please don't ....
i love you no matter how you will be..


2005”N01ŒŽ28“ú(‹à) 15Žž52•ª
every time i see you, my feeling towards you is back.


2005”N01ŒŽ26“ú(…) 16Žž10•ª
..what is going on?


2005”N01ŒŽ25“ú(‰Î) 2Žž10•ª
I am lost...


2005”N01ŒŽ24“ú(ŒŽ) 3Žž44•ª
I just wanna say..
I am really happy..
I can't wait seeing you..


2005”N01ŒŽ19“ú(…) 20Žž54•ª
My feeling towards him is coming back.............................
He ignites my candle....
He lightens my darkness....
He comes to my life....
I dream of him.....................again....and again..............


2005”N01ŒŽ14“ú(‹à) 20Žž28•ª
Crime and Deviance Final Report B+
Gender and Media Final Report B-/C+
English Phonetics and Phonology Assignment 3 A-
Business Communication in English Assignment 2 A-


2005”N01ŒŽ12“ú(…) 10Žž34•ª
Time passes.. Past..
Your face is always in my heart..
It won't pass..
And it won't be past..
It will forever last..
In my deepest heart..


2005”N01ŒŽ02“ú(“ú) 19Žž46•ª
I'm not really sure of the words to say..
If only you knew that I feel this way..
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