the long semester finished 

2005年12月21日(水) 2時53分
finally its ended.
i slept so much this past couple days after all the papers and Finals, now i feel so happy and positive about everything

i was looking back about my past semester and there are a lot of things that i want to improve next semester and i just cant wait to go back to college and start my semester it will be so much fun.
i know i am there for a reason and i dont want to waist even one day of it

I am currently in NEW YORK with my best friend from high school. its so nice to hang out with her and have fun just going around and having fun since i am a poor college student theres not much that we can do without any i saw so many stuff that i want to buy but i dont want to spend the money

well thats it for now. going back to JAPAN in two days!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!!

i want to stand up 

2005年12月06日(火) 11時11分
I dont feel like doing anything... i only have one more week at college and i so know that i need to study my butt off but for some reason i just cant concentrate. i want to, but i just am emotionally down for some reason and am happy on the out side but not in the inside. if im not happy in the inside why dont i just show it? i guess thats my weakness, that i just cant show it, i need to be strong, perfect, but i know i cant.
sometimes i just feel like i want to give up. god, i know u have a plan, i want to stand up for you and be all passionate about you, but i just am not happy for some reason. I need that oil that burns the fire on the inside of me. i thought i was filled with the oil. i know its difficult, i need your help. i need your help or i just cant do it.
i thought i am a much stronger person. i think other people think about me as a strong person. but i am not. i am weak. so weak like a little branch that would break anytime. maybe i did break so many times already.
i need someone to help me. God i know you would. if ur gonna, please help me now. or other wise its so tempting to give up and just go to someone for help.
my head hurts too. i want to quit everything. but what will i do if i do quit? mou mendokusaiyo...

i know i cant give up 

2005年11月15日(火) 13時47分
Yes, i know i cant give up, but its so easy to think about it.
God, i need the strength to overcome this. why am i doing this? it would be so much easier if it was in japanese. if it was back home. its just so stressful. i want to do my best, but it seems nothing is coming out. i feel like peddling so hard, but going no where with my little tiny bicycle. i cant do it. i want to give up. why am i doing this? what is it for? o god help me.


2005年11月14日(月) 6時45分
happy birthday to me
God is great. i was alive for 19 years.
19 years ago, i came out of my mommy. they had a baby dedication seremony at church today, and i know my parents did it to me, and i really felt their love. it made me cry, they also dedicated me 19 years ago, and raised me for 19 years, even though i was rebelious at times, mean at times, not appreciating them at all at times, they still love me, and its so good to know that
they are the most best parents in the world, even though i might not get along with them at times i miss them including my precious brother and sister, and cant wait to see them in about a month
they called me for my birthday too how better can it get than to get up with a phone call

anyway, god, be with me at all times, this year as well. i dedicate my year, (and of course my life) to you protect me. give me the best. and i will try so as well

cell phone... 

2005年11月06日(日) 17時13分
me and my cell phone were separated for 3 whole days i couldnt find it, i was searching EVERYWHERE, and still not being able to find it, at first, i was really frustrated but then, i was like
god know whats the best for me anyways, he will work it out
and i wasnt freaking out of losing my .
Anyways, today, i was in a really BAD mood, i almost was late for work, came back and no one was here, and everything wasnt going right
than it happned i came back from work, listened to my newly setten up answering machine for my room, and get a message saying that THEY HAVE IT IN CLAMORE
o my gosh, u should have seen how i sprint over there
Thank you god, now i know to ALWAYS trust you

K, also i decorated my room

it was actually SOOOOOOOO much fun. i dunno why i didnt do it sooner

anyways, time to go to bednighty night


2005年11月03日(木) 9時34分
had INARIZUSHI and CURRY RICE today. it was really good it was really nice to hang out with jasmin in her room 又食べようねぇ jasmin will be in Boston next semester for a internship and she just found out today i am sooooo happy for her

i dont feel like doing things lately... cant concentrate well its partly cuz the STY in my eye i cant get rid of it and its really uncomfortable

i cant believe its only 5 more weeks tochristmas break やったぁ 待ちきれなぃ going home and seeing mom and dad and megu and masa but tons of exams before that....

listening to JOYCE she is awesome!!!!


2005年10月25日(火) 7時33分
its my cartilage but it didnt hurt AT ALL
Exo 21:6
The master shall pierce his ear with an awl and he shall serve him for his rest of his life

yeah this is pretty much the reason i did want it to begin with, but then, yesterday sitting in church, i REALLY wanted it so i did
o god i commit my life to u. as the servants did to their masters

finished my exams yuppeeee finally i can breath though i still have essays that i need to finish o god plz help me

god challenging me 

2005年10月20日(木) 15時11分
so.... the other day i wrote a lot and it dissapeared saiaku

god is good. he knows what i need. some people arent used to living with people and thats a challenge for them, but he sure knows that being by myself is a challenge for me, and i guess he wants to challenge me, and help me grow. cuz it sure is challenging, sometimes hard, but i need hard walls that i need to climb, or how else would i grow?

its easy to look at the things that u dont have, like having a single room, or a boyfriend, your family, or nice sunny warm weather, good food, but lets look at the good stuff that god blesses us with, even though, half of the times i dont even realize it.... i want to thank god for the things he does tot make me smile and laugh.

the exams are really stressful. i have the last tomorrow. god help....
i know its not about grades. its about trying my best. but still, i want to do my best. and be well prepared.


2005年10月13日(木) 0時22分
k.... i want to write about Dating
the whole time, it was interesting for me to see so many Chirstians from Japan that came to the USA for college end up getting married right after they graduated or even before they graduated college and I wondered why, and i also thought to myself, even if i do end up dating, i dont want to rush for anything...

But being in their shoes, me myself here in the US, i kinda know now, and dont blame them. WE are so much away from home, and u can easily get lonely. its not like i dont have friends or anything, i feel like i just want the hug, a sholder, a someone to be there for me.

i dont want to rush, and i dont want to be even thinking about it, cuz God has the perfect timing but i feel like i waited enough, and if possible, i dont want to wait cuz its so hard.

the weirdest thing is i dont even like anyone here at college, u know its only been 2 months here, but man! its so exciting to think that god has someone for me, and i cant wait!

in His house 

2005年10月10日(月) 11時22分
its sunday and Church day i wasnt sure if i could go to church today cus my friend that i go with wasnt going, but mike called me at 9:20 saying that he will bring me, so me and sahiri wich is basically my "room mate" now went with him

i feel like I am at home when i go to church, the only place in the USA, and today too, i was really happy and REJOICING
how great is our God!!!!!!!!!
even if u dont know what u need to do, or what u want to do, pray and something will change i know that, that worship is better than anything else that i could ever do, that it will change everything, but its so darn hard to do so ever second of ur life but theres no other better way to live my life so yes, i will do so anyway

its getting colder here so pray that i will survive
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