Spotting Counterfeit Designer Handbags

January 03 [Fri], 2014, 12:38

Designer handbag replica, but there are several reasons why it makes sense to buy the real thing: Although replicas may look like the real thing, the discount designer handbags workmanship and quality can't be compared to the original. Counterfeiters avoid paying taxes since their businesses are generally operated on a cash basis. Citizens like you and I still have to pay. The sale of counterfeit designer goods has been associated with terrorist and gang activity as well as arranged crime. Drugs are commonly smuggled inside counterfeit handbags.

there was a time when it was easy to spot a fake: misspelled brands, inexpensive leather and shoddy hardware. Now, fakes are beginning to look rather good and it's hard to tell the difference. Here is how to say what's real and what's not: Authentic handbags are purchased from permitted registered dealers. Authentic designer handbags are not sold by street sellers, at home parties, at flea markets, in the Big Apple's Chinatown, in Los Angeles' Santee alley, or at mall kiosks. Should you be thinking about a Coach purse, the company's web site provides a list of permitted dealers? Both Coach and Kate Spade give detailed information on spotting reproductions of their products. Country of Origin Labels. The country of origin for Fendi purses is Italy. If the purse has a label that claims 'Made in Taiwan', it is not the real deal.

If you are shopping online and find a designer handbag at a price that's hard to pass up, there's a method to tell if you're getting an authentic product: Read the product description fastidiously. Some online merchants will lure you into their sites designer handbags for cheap by describing their products as original, authentic or genuine. After reading outlines, you could find such phrases as 'inspired by' a selected designer. This product isn't authentic and the phrase is used to protect the merchant from trademark infringement.