Are you having difficulty accessing your bathtub?

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 11:40

Are you having difficulty accessing your bathtub? Are you afraid of falling while trying to get out of the tub? There are plenty of things that you can do to solve these, including trying to bath using a walk in tub accessible shower.

A walk in tub is a piece of equipment that is designed to substitute to your regular tub and shower. It is specifically created for the safety and enjoyment of the users-to give them the total bathing experience needed after a day's work.

In 2007, falls became the leading cause of nonfatal injuries, be it fall from ladders, from slipping, from tumbling, or from tripping. Bathrooms are common places for falls because of the slippery floors and shiny surfaces. For this, many individuals, especially the elders and the disabled, develop the fear of bathing alone.

Do not deprive yourself or your elders of the wonderful experience of bathing. Aside from its relaxing nature, soaking in warm water is also believed to work wonders in different kinds of muscular complaints like arthritis and lower back pain. A warm bath can soothe sore joints and muscles double levers bidet faucet, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation.

There are simple and straightforward ways that you can do to reduce the risk of bathroom-related accidents. You can install grab bars in the bathroom to help improve safety in this high-risk area. You can also place non-skid mats on the floor to avoid slipping while your feet are still wet after a good shower. Investing in walk in tub accessible shower would also be a good idea.

Developments in recent years have produced mobility aids like the walk in tub collection of firstSTREET for Boomers and Beyond. Using walk in tubs like these provide physical safety and peace of mind-both for the users and their loved ones. The tubs in this collection are available in widths 26", 29", 30", and 31" and come with large, easy-to-use faucet handles, bath grab bar, large comfortable ADA compliant seat Faucet Mixer Tap, and large controls for the optional hydro massage therapy systems.

Other features of the collection include large hot and cold water faucet, large water diverter, spout, extendable showerhead, floor drain, and large ergonomic door handle.

Individuals who have had a fall know how it feels to be helpless-when getting in and out of the bathroom, and not having enough strength to pull oneself out of the tub after bathing. Surely, they would appreciate owning an accessible shower like this, which allows those who have physical limitations to easily Bathroom Kitchen, safely, and independently bath themselves.

Bathing solutions such as walk in tub accessible shower are designed for everyone's personal safety aspersed Nesled shower, increased feeling of self-dignity, independence, and total bathing experience. They should make bathing easier, safer, and more comfortable. For the elders and disabled, these bathing solutions should allow them to conquer their fear of falling so that they can fully enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of soaking in warm water. It is therefore important to carefully choose which tub works best for you or your loved one.