A Recipe for More Business Success with Less Stress

July 07 [Sun], 2013, 16:37


"GHD NZ A Recipe for More Business Success with Less Stress

Even better, she started leading a test Already That class was going great! So her chances for success Seemed pretty darn good.

When she hired me, she was struggling With The best way to deliver content and keep participants accountab GHD mini iv styler  le. What she really wanted was an automated online tool that Could track When someone had completed Their homework.

At the time online teaching tools like Moodle were pretty limited or didn Either exist. But i knew starting out she could use a free teleconferencing line and a syste GHD NZm of in ghd IV salon styler xpensive email autoresponders to deliver content. Then she just manually monitor homework.

This would all be relativamente easy and inexpensive to set-up. And it would let her get Launched quickly with minimal investment. Then, if her business grew so big she couldn h.

ndle manually monitoring the homework, she know it was time to invest in a custom online system.

We Agreed I this was a solid, practical plan. Then next thing I know, she tells me to Web developer is going to build her a custom system for only $ 25,000! That was on top of her fees and Web design Ghd Iv Purple Already what GHD mini styler she was paying me.

I advised against this for a number of Reasons (cost, maintenance, bugs, etc..). But she wanted her entrepreneurial dream in all its glory right now.

The end result? With no money left in her marketing budget she Struggled to get her business and its fancy website off the ground. And she put herself in a good bit of debt to boot.

The saddest part is, it didn Have To Be That Way.

Now, I believe in playing big, offering tons of quality and value in everything you do, and setting big, fat, juicy goals whenever service it comes to laun cheap ghd hair Straighteners hing something ew I do believe in jumping in whole hog. And I rarely launch anything in the full-blown, ultimately from stateoftheart fashion I might be dreaming of without testing the waters first.

The key is to start small but make sure whatever you do is scalable. Then, as you start seeing success, you reinvest in rolling out in a bigger way.

So I always swing hard, but I make it so it Not such a big deal if whiff (IE: I miss the ball Entirely). If I get booked to speak on the topic, then I might create a live small group workshop. If it a hit then I can invest into Revenues Those h .

GHD IV styler ing a custom site, program or app built it even still makes sense.

See how this works?

Yeah, I know a lot of the mindset gurus say you shouldn even consider failure as an option. But you know what? Not everything you do, or launch, is going to be wildly successful. Sometimes you going to whiff.

If you not prepared to miss the ball completely you Could be setting your business, and yourself, up for some serious financial Difficulties. So remember, dream big, then take a series of smaller steps to get there. You sure more to Achieve Success with way less stress if you d GHD IV Purple.
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