he was willing to give me a name and a number

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 10:08
capabilities of police technology

so my dad's car was stolen last week. inside was a brand new credit card that my dad had just activated. the burglar used the credit card at a local dry cleaners, leaving (apparently) her phone number and clothes. after the credit card was declined, she left, leaving her number and clothes. we called the dry cleaners, requesting the number, but was refused because its illegal i think. we told the police everything, specifically mentioning her phone number, the same day. it's been a week now, is it that hard to the phone number and do some reverse lookup or is the local police department just being lazy

perhaps not lazy, but prioritizing their cases. i worked over 600 cases a year as a general assignment detective, and cases Reverse Cell Phone lookup like yours got attention, but not the most, or the first attention. also, unlisted numbers and cell numbers don't appear in reverse look-ups, either in a traditional cole's directory, or an on-line service like white pages that means that the detectives will ned a search warrant or court order to compel the service provider to provide ethe subriber's name and address. if it is a prepaid cell phone, chances are that the name and address are fictitious. i have seen prepaid cell accounts in george washington's and abraham lincoln's names. they could also be having the same problem with the dry cleaners. they may not want to give up the phone number (even though it is bs, there is no 'reasonable expectation of privacy that i can see). however, the police would then also need a search warrant or court oder to the number from the cleaner's.. you see, real law enforcement doesn't work like it does Phone lookup on television. there is lots more typing and visits to the magistrate io warrants signed than tv would let on. and case takes lots longer than one hour (minus commercial) to solve.

i went through something similar not long ago, when one of my wife's credit cards was stolen.i had to coordinate between my local law enforcement agency and the one where the credit card was being used.i got lucky; the business owner where the card was used was far more cooperative, he remembered the customer, he was willing to give me a name and a number, and i spoon fed those to the local sheriff's office.in fairness, i'm sure that violent crime takes priority over credit card fraud, but it wasn't until i handed them everything that they needed that they actually went out and made an arrest.

i think they are just being lazy. i don't think it is that hard to reverse phone lookup a phone number. some websites offer this kind of service so you might want to do the lookup yourself. go to reverse phone number trace and immediately know the name of that lady who stole your dad's car. http://www.cellphonelookupusa.com/
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