The Load Cell of Mixer Concrete Plant

August 25 [Fri], 2017, 10:29

When the mixer control system is powered on, it will enter the operation control interface of the man-machine dialogue system, and the system will initialize itself, including the formula number, the concrete grade, the slump degree and the production volume. According to the weighing of the silo, measuring bucket for testing, the output material empty or full signal, suggesting that the operator to determine whether to start the mixing control program.

When the concrete is produced by the mixing station, the stone, the sand and the cement are sent to the stone metering bucket, the sand metering bucket and the cement metering bucket respectively, and the weighing is measured by weighing sensor. When the metering is reached, the feeding is stopped and the valve is opened , The stone, sand and cement transported to the summary of the bucket, the delivery completed the closing bucket valve.

Water and admixture ingredients, according to the proportion of a given formula to the specified measurement of measurement, to set the measurement is sent to the mixer. The whole process, the mixer has been in a state of mixing until all the materials into the mixer, start timing, to reach the formula set the mixing time, open the mixer discharge valve, release finished concrete.

In the whole measurement, the load cell plays an irreplaceable role. The metering bucket converts the mass signal into a measurable electrical signal through a load cell and transmits the man-machine in the specified control panel for operational control.

Mixing station load cell installation need to pay attention to several points:

First, the package heavy sensor; with waterproof and dustproof material closed heavy sensor, keep the sensor are not affected.

Second, control the environment or create a suitable for heavy sensor working environment.

Third, welding sealing.Mixing station sensor environment is relatively the most harsh, so we should pay attention to moisture-proof design, in order to reduce the environmental damage to the sensor to extend its life!

The appearance of the load cell with the emergence of cement, the development of the beginning to stand in the form of a single, now there are many different types. I believe that the development prospects of the mixing station is bright.