the World War Two 

2005年08月29日(月) 23時48分
I watched a special drama tonight. The story was about World War Two. In Japan, we can watch this kind of TV programs about WWTwo in August, because the atomic bomb was released to Hiroshima on 8/6.

Every August, I remember about that war and feel awful, sad...but real awful thing might be the reality like that young people in Japan are forgetting about it. The worse thing is there were some young people who drew something on the wall of the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome.

The atomic bomb is not the thing to release on to human beings. It was not.

Can't human beings stop any war?

It's really difficult thing to discuss. So I tend to avoid that kind of topic on my life, but every August, I remember and think about it.

Anyway, I like to think about our future better than to think about the past.

I'm always excited about our future because it is full of hope and dream of ourselves!


2005年08月29日(月) 0時17分
I'd like to start my website, then I can tell you my life in Japan and you can know and comment on it! I think it is really cool.

Today, I talked with my best friends inthe U.S. on the phone. It was great because we had not have talked each other more than 3months! I didn't have confidence to speak English as I could when I stayed in the U.S...but it was not so bad I guess..... we all were excited then.

I miss all of them.

We don't know about lives of ourselves. I had never had would study abroad, experience so many things, and make so nice friends.

Studying abroad. It was my big dream. On the profile book that we made when we graduated from our junior high school, I wrote such thing.

'My dream: Studying abroad, To be a cool woman who can speak English fluently and who is tall' ( of course in Japanese!)

I'm still small girl....not tall...not so woman.......but, I think my dream came true. Almost.
I didn't know dream would come true or not. I don't know my life. My dream came true unconsciously.

Now is the time to think about my NEXT dream. I will turn to 22years old next month, so I'd like to decide then. I'm thinking now. I'll think about it forever because we don't know our lives.

I hope I could keep this website full...I mean....write things happened to me frequently...

Thank you.
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