Mi mi 

October 26 [Fri], 2007, 1:21
every ppl have their own mimi, right,,
i have many many.. including about my family, love, fd...etc
Different.. will i be different!? no one know that...
something.. i really don't want to say...


February 25 [Sun], 2007, 23:33
十點半先起身... 遲到了..

1. 對神的信心
2. 研讀聖經的心

傳福音.. 真的要加油呢!!

收到dominic 的帖.. 哈哈
第一次收到 =) 真替他緊張.. 二零零七年三月十七日. 他要結婚了

lunch..後, 同志豪, kit, 0+2 出左mk 睇下d 洗衣機 送俾manic做結婚禮物.

之後.. 行行行...
分散了 .. 我和kit 行.. 陪佢睇去飲既衫

dinner @ 牛屋 吃扒..
是,, 又吃扒
昨晚才與vany 吃完.

then go home la. so tired!!

always dream of dadajac recently..


June 28 [Wed], 2006, 11:42
原來真係淨番.. 兩日..
你話我唔緊張...唔驚.. 就假ge..
其實..我的確有希望過.. 我可以讀上大學..
我真係有努力過.. 若然今次真的上不到.. 我真係會好唔開心..
但當然我唔會為左呢d 野 而令自己唔平安ge..
一切.. 都過得好快.. 咁又一年喇.. 第二次的al 又終結na..
其實..自問不是聰明... 所以.. 信心的確不多..

夢到vany 係殮房做..
0係夢入面.. 我是驚見到一個血淋淋既人的..
醒後, 諗. 原來我是驚的..
咁怎樣當nurse 呢.... !?

fist day of June 2006 

June 01 [Thu], 2006, 0:57
going to June this month...
the time passes so fast lei..
Today, i get up at 8:30am, consquencely, i don't go to work...
and i call the manager to quit.
I agree that i am not mature..and i don't have growing up too much actually..
maybe.. i am not really use my brain to think more...
i just listen my sister and other ppls' opinion...
in fact, i know i don't have much experiencee for working..
so i know 5k, to me, it is suitable..
i know i should take a rest too..
o... i just think .. nothing i can control or decide...
o... when can i to be mature

the distance ...too far for me....

i think, my fds are so smart.. and their thinking are so mature and useful..
my sister is a mature girl too..
something, i want to learn from her..

i don't do this job, i get a promise, i won't regret!

oh, i stay at home and 執野..
after dinner.. Henry AY calls me and tell me that he comes to my home for watching my PC tonight.. '0'
at last., he comes.
thanks too much =)

i accompany with him to have dinner....
we find a restuarant for 1/2 hr....
eating and talking .....

um...past .. past .. it is good,, ho ho

第二天之投稿 =) -> ?_? 

May 31 [Wed], 2006, 15:36

Noon, a call is coming, i have a job la...
i am not special happd or exciting... maybe, i don't have thinking about the C.O. would employ me.. it is because i don't know how to use Excel deeply...
if fact, i don't have much nice feeling for the company, except of the boss and manager....

Today, i go to playing bowling with manic, Sally, Sandy, Winky, ah ching, ah Snow and kit kit
nice dating = )
Manic is so powerful ,, he take about 140 marks o~
after that, we have Tea at Maxin
then see toys with Manic and Winky
after that, i buy wowan shoes with Winky, ya, get it
then go home la~

at night...
mama and sister call me that don't go the work....
i am so confused........for a night...
有又煩..冇又煩... 做人真係奇怪

第一天之投稿 =) 

May 30 [Tue], 2006, 13:17
My new diary

my deep things will be in there...

i still don't want to go out, but i have dated Phyllis to go to City for taking a Interview lesson.
If i don't have pormised that.. i won't go out ..
When i go to MTR station, my moblie is alarming... who!? '0' it is DaDaJac..
He don't have called me for long long time... To me, it is unbelievable..
He dates me to have Tea...
of coz.. it is not regular meeting.. he just dates someone at 4:30pm..
he need to wait.... so he finds me just for killing the time...
nevermind.. i may take a habit about that...
Few months ago, i may cancel City trip then taking the Tea Meeting..
But now.. i won't do that.. good. i get progress
Although i ask him to go city together...i don't feel disappointed..
Every times... he finds me.. i ain't free.. when i date him, he won't take my dating.. so that different world~
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