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November 06 [Wed], 2013, 10:32

new balance 1600 cheap Bring Your Audio Cassette Recordings Into The Digital Age With Audio Cassette ConvertersIf they had voices, they'd be begging you to for help. If they had knees, they'd be aching. If they were made of flesh and bone, they would be zombies. And if they had birthdays, the quantity of candles required could qualify for a fire hazard."They" are the occupants of that box of audio cassette tapes that are dying without dignity in a gloomy (and hopefully moisture-free) closet. The music on them misses you as much as you miss them. Even if you had a cassette player in proper working order, the combination of neglect and overuse might make the next time you play their the last time. But of course, throwing them away is not an option -- too many valuable reminders of your past, and too many songs that you can't buy anymore.

If you're old enough to have a substantial assortment of albums on audio cassette, they consist of more than just music and memories - those cassettes contain a piece of your cultural birthright. You grew up in an age where there were no such things as drum machines or music videos, and acts couldn't exist on pryotechnics and six-pack abs alone. Because musicianship and talent are not appreciated now they way they were back then, some of those musical acts are still competing successfully to this day.So what are your other alternatives? There are audio agencies that will take your audio cassettes into the digital age by converting them to MP3 files.

discount new balance 3090 But when you weigh the outlay (not including packing and sending) against replacing the music on your audio cassettes with CDs (not including the ones that are irreplaceable), it isn't a cost-effective solution even if you could afford the cost.Luckily, technological breakthroughs have once again come to the rescue: As with pocket calculators, mobile phones and portable cassette players themselves, the software and hardware required to take an audio cassette to MP3 or compact disk are no longer exclusively for professional audio engineers. Now there are audio cassette converters that can copy your cassette recordings and save them as MP3 files, which you can listen to on smart phones and MP3 players or convert to files that can be burned to CDs. If this sounds like a great opportunity to save the music on your audio cassettes and start listening to it again, you should visit audio-cassette-converters right away, and this is why:

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